Murakami at Versailles

Article: Murakami at Versailles

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“Murakami Versailles” opens today at the 17th-century French palace, and surprise, surprise: some French are offended. It’s probably the same stuffed shirts that reacted to Jeff Koons 2008 installation, and I’m willing to bet that this time around their petitions will have about the same impact, which is to say none at all.

Veilhan at Versailles

Article: Veilhan at Versailles

Versailles is perhaps one of the last places you would expect to open its palace doors to contemporary artists, and certainly last year’s Jeff Koons show met with its fair share of controversy. Stuffy patrons protested at the gates and said silly things like “contemporary art fosters distraction and destruction of the perfect whole.” Luckily, a few noses stuck up in the air isn’t enough to deter the annual project, which features Xavier Veilhan this year.