Get ready for five great new shows on Sundance Channel

Article: Get ready for five great new shows on Sundance Channel

Sundance Channel is excited to share our 2013/2014 original scripted development slate today. We’ve got five provocative new dramas that put an emphasis on complicated characters and daring approaches to storytelling.

There is a lot of high caliber, award winning talent– many with roots in filmmaking –behind these projects, which include: VALENTINES from producer Robert Redford and writer Olaf Olafsson, BEHIND THE SUN from producers Steve Buscemi and Stanley Tucci and writer Dylan Gary, THE DESCENDANTS from producer Sarah Condon and writer Aaron Guzikowski, T from producer Ira Glass and writers Dan Futterman and Anya Epstein, and DEATH IN THE MODERN AGE from producers Bob Cooper, JJ Jamieson and Michael Fuchs and writers Josh Shaffer & Eli Kooris.

Pick Your Cupid

Article: Pick Your Cupid

“Pick Your Cupid” is a Valentine’s Day appropriate witty graphic piece in the New York Times from a SUNfiltered favorite Ji Lee (previously). Click on the image above to enlarge.

The lonely whale

Article: The lonely whale

I just came across this remarkable albeit slightly depressing story, especially during this upcoming holiday celebrating coupledom, about a lonely solitary whale somewhere out there in the big blue ocean. Tracked since 1992, this whale has been cruising the Pacific ocean emitting a song and call at around 52 hertz, which does not match any…