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Living in the Endless City

Article: Living in the Endless City

A lot of people, New York natives especially, call their home town the best city in the world, but after enduring a seven month-long winter and battling the excruciating heat and humidity of its summer, one has to wonder if the 24-hour access to culture and nightlife is really worth it. Of course, no city is perfect, but lately the daily and, frankly, exhausting struggle with my NY weather foes has left me begging the question, what makes a successful city?

As serendipity would have it, Phaidon is asking themselves the same question and doing quite a good job of answering it, too, with their new release “Living in the Endless City.” If the neon green cover doesn’t grab your attention this little tidbit will. Right now 53% of the population lives in cities, with an expected increase to 75% by 2050, yet only 2% of the Earth’s surface is occupied by cities. 2%! With the frightening thought of more and more people cramming into this tiny fraction of our available land mass the book’s contributors tried to figure out how you measure the success of a city by looking at factors like 1) affordable public transportation, 2) public spaces that spread the population density out over various public centers and 3) size. Yes, size does matter – a successful city is neither too big not too small.

Michigan universities launch online tools for planners, activists, citizens

Article: Michigan universities launch online tools for planners, activists, citizens

Are you looking for information on lightening your neighborhood’s or town’s environmental footprint? Want to figure out how to reduce your own energy and material consumption? Or, just need facts on hand for that annoying climate-change denying brother-in-law? Michigan’s largest universities have released new online tools that may have you covered in all of these…