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Wallpaper's Polaroids

Article: Wallpaper's Polaroids

Wallpaper magazine is celebrating Polaroid’s new lifeline. Polaroid not too long ago was about to go out of business. Inspired by quote from Edwin Land, Polaroid’s inventor, factory workers kept the production lines running and got the word out, hoping someone would save the iconic brand. That quote read “Don’t undertake a project unless it’s…

Urban Outfitters hops on the bike-wagon

Article: Urban Outfitters hops on the bike-wagon

Bike snobs, back away from your computers. The end is near, and it’s coming in the shape of fixed gear bikes available with brakes in a wide array of bright, customizable color combinations courtesy of Urban Outfitters and Republic Bike. It won’t surprise anyone that the big draw of these bikes is that they can be made to match your closet’s color scheme, but before snubbing my nose at the idea that Urban Outfitters could produce a quality item, I turned to Brooklyn bike expert Chris Wielk for some answers.