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Craig Hodgetts, Playmaker

Article: Craig Hodgetts, Playmaker

In 1978, architect Craig Hodgetts was commissioned to design a sustainable utopia of the future based on the book “Ecotopia: The Notebooks and Reports of William Weston,” by Ernest Callenbach. Some credit the book with anticipating the use of videoconferencing (one of the technologies of the future the characters use selectively so as to not…

Fritz Haeg's "Dome Colony X"

Article: Fritz Haeg's "Dome Colony X"

Be among of the first to colonize Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Mountains in Fritz Haeg’s geodesic domed tents. The innovative design includes the means for “temporary colonization, squatting, taking over and making yourself at home” wherever you please. Not sure if your colonizing skills are up to snuff? Try a dry run at the X…

A new approach to urbanity

Article: A new approach to urbanity

Who says architecture is just about buildings? To European design studios Feld72 and Raumlabor, architecture is a more loosely defined term that encompasses all aspects of social and urban interaction. Take the traffic jam project, in which members of Feld72 rode on motorscooters in between lanes of slow-moving traffic, handing drivers activity packs stuffed with…