CREATIVE COMPUTING – looking back at Jonathan Harris

Article: CREATIVE COMPUTING – looking back at Jonathan Harris

The emotional dot matrix of “We Feel Fine” Five years ago Jonathan Harris released an Internet-based storytelling project called “We Feel Fine.” It’s essentially a computer program that identifies and collects moments of online self-expression and draws conclusions about that data based on age, gender and location. Every two minutes “We Feel Fine” scans every…

What if earth had a ring?

Article: What if earth had a ring?

Roy Prol animates an answer to the the what-if question, “What if Earth had a ring?” For one, Saturn could step off its high horse with its fancy rings. Second, the earthling view of the sky would be fantastic. Incorporating a bit of real science for some level of believability, Prol shows how the rings…

Science and the city

Article: Science and the city

Brian Greene, festival co-founder and theoretical physics professor at Columbia University, with the respected Dr. Bunson Honeydew

From June 10-14, New York City will host the second annual World Science Festival, a series of programs and lectures that highlight the big questions in science and how they influenced the big questions in other fields, like philosophy, ethics, and the arts. The festival’s primary mission is “to cultivate and sustain a general public informed by the content of science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepared to engage with its implications for the future,” a reminder that that science part of all of our lives, from the philosophical to the practical, and is worth knowing about.