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Going There

Article: Going There

As in, McCain didn’t. After a week of his surrogates, supporters and running mate desperately trying to link Obama to terrorists, domestic and otherwise, accusing him of criticizing the troops and questioning his patriotism and his character, one almost expected the first words out of McCain’s mouth to be “Bill Ayers.” But it wasn’t. In…

Words from President Clinton

Article: Words from President Clinton

On a clear Monday night in October, in a West Village penthouse, a former president spoke to some of his former constituents. As the sun dipped behind the New Jersey skyline, casting a golden-pink glow over the city’s rooftops, President Clinton took the microphone and spoke about what the world will look like after Bush…

Debates: Round Two

Article: Debates: Round Two

Barack Obama and John McCain will convene tonight at Belmont University in Nashville for their second round of debates starting at 9pm Eastern. The debate will be in a town hall format in which candidates respond to questions by an audience of undecided voters. McCain has a reputation for thriving in these town hall-style events…