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The New Yorker calls Top of the Lake “funny, sexy, disorienting, and emotional”

Article: The New Yorker calls Top of the Lake “funny, sexy, disorienting, and emotional”

Emily Nussbaum dove into Top of the Lake for this week’s New Yorker and loved what she found. “‘Top of the Lake’ is a trip worth taking–visually magnetic, but also funny, sexy, disorienting, and emotional.” The complete review is behind the paywall, but we’ve got some of the best details for you. Peter Mullan gets…

Whither art thou, Agent Cooper?

Article: Whither art thou, Agent Cooper?

Twin Peaks left its audience with many more questions than it answered. That’s probably why, every year, a new generation of college students commit to watching the entire series (I don’t think that happens with Murphy Brown). It has also left one Brooklyn artist, Michelle Levy, Searching for Agent C. So, it is only fitting that we cap off our week of Twin Peaks haikus and David Lynch backyard BBQs checking out the hunt for our favorite FBI Special Agent. Warning, if you’ve never made it to the end of the series you may find some spoilers below!

Top 10 Twin Peaks haikus

Article: Top 10 Twin Peaks haikus

When I heard David Lynch was releasing a music video, I immediately thought that I probably wouldn’t know what was going on in said video, but it would look awesome and also cool. Then, I began to reminisce about Twin Peaks, because every Lynch fan/future film student/cool weirdo watched that show! I myself tuned into Twin Peaks in high school because I wanted all the boys to think I was artistic, dark, and super good at watching television. To add to that mystique, I wrote a lot of poetry. It wasn’t GOOD poetry, but it did have the word “ribcage” in it a lot. To celebrate my high school Lynch loving self, I decided to get all nostalgic on you. Here are some Twin Peaks haikus, because really? Why the hell not!

The top 10 effed-up sex scenarios of David Lynch

Article: The top 10 effed-up sex scenarios of David Lynch

Never let it be said that David Lynch takes sex lightly. To quote the man himself: “Certain aspects of sex are troubling — the way it’s used as power, for instance, or the way it takes the form of perversions that exploit other people.” And those “certain aspects” seem to be the only ones that interest Lynch. In his world, no one ever cracks up in bed after an inopportune fart ruins the moment. But no one has glamorized, Hollywood-ized, unrealistic sex either. “Sex is a doorway to something so powerful and mystical,” Lynch said once, “but movies usually depict it in a completely flat way.” And by “flat” he either means “more fake than a declaration of true love on THE BACHELOR” or else “specializing in female subjugation, exploitation and masochism.” Whatever the case may be, the kind of sex his characters have — and the kind of sex his movies deal with — are best described as simply Lynchian, a term which has been defined as “having the same balance between the macabre and the mundane.” This top 10 list, in chronological order, should help further explain:

The evolution of ERASERHEAD star Jack Nance

Article: The evolution of ERASERHEAD star Jack Nance

After David Lynch saw Jack Nance’s performance at a local theatre in Philadelphia in the early 70s, he cast him as the lead in his avant garde 1977 film, ERASERHEAD. A few years prior to their first meeting, Nance had been seriously considered for the lead in THE GRADUATE, a role which would have launched him off on an entirely different career than the one he had working alongside Lynch…

David Lynch at his all-time creepiest

Article: David Lynch at his all-time creepiest

David Lynch holds a strange an undeniable power over me. No matter how disturbed his films make me and no matter how little sense they seem to make (even upon subsequent viewing and after consulting so-called Lynch buffs), I will, without hesitation, go and see whatever he lays his creeptastic hands on. And if I lived in Paris you had better believe I would find a way onto the VIP list of Club Silencio, no form of begging would be too low. After all, we’re talking about the man who brought me Agent Dale Cooper, the only detective to inspire a crush so epic I stopped putting sugar in my coffee and learned to love it black. But I’m hardly the only Lynch lover out there, and one such fan has compiled a list of “The Ten Absolute Creepiest Moments in David Lynch’s Oeuvre,” a list only a true fan could make because only a true fan could sit through all the moments that bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe, and watch them again, and again and again.