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A green film festival you can enjoy at home

Article: A green film festival you can enjoy at home

Film festivals are great for spotlighting up-and-coming talent, and highlighting niche topics. The conventional film festival isn’t, however, a good vehicle for creating wide-scale conversations, as audiences are limited by location and/or willingness to travel during a specific time period. After two years of hosting the Do Something Reel film festival in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods Market recognized these limitations: they could inspire festival-goers to consider the environmental and food-related messages of the films screened, but most of those audience members would be from the local area.

Nau's Grant for Change

Article: Nau's Grant for Change

Among the ten finalists for Nau’s $10k Grant for Change are a design for an infant warmer, a mobile food and film project, a U.S. Marine youth fitness program and a platform that connects designers to non-profits in need of some visual know-how. Now in its second year, Grant for Change accepts any proposal that puts design at the forefront of driving social change. To give contestants an idea of what they’re looking for, Nau cites projects like TED, Engineers Without Borders and the Eye Writer Project, which makes me wonder how the all-vegetarian group “The Giving Tree Band” made the cut. The so-called “greenest act in America” has a mission statement that just might make you turn a shade of their favorite color: