Tron Legacy



A realistic-looking young Jeff Bridges is possibly TRON:LEGACY’s only high point.
For those who haven’t seen TRON since childhood, TRON: LEGACY might seem less like a true sequel and more like a complete reinterpretation. Long gone is the charmingly outdated animation of the 1982 original. In its place is a super slick, CG-world light years ahead of where the first film left off 28 years ago. Are we supposed to believe that the people/programs of Tron have advanced that far in under three decades? Of course not. TRON: LEGACY is less about believability and more about putting audiences in an experience so immersive that it distracts from the story’s many loopholes. The only problem is that with so many gaping flaws in the narrative it’s difficult to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Daft Punk vs. Tron

Article: Daft Punk vs. Tron

DAFT PUNK – DEREZZED (From the Tron Legacy Soundtrack) from Warren Fu on Vimeo. As a boy in the 1980s I adored TRON. This weekend the remake comes out. Shot with the same cameras as AVATAR and costing the $170 million, I sure hope it’s good. Things are looking likely methinks. If this awesome music…