Cool gender-bending tee from Qwertee

Article: Cool gender-bending tee from Qwertee

For all you TRANSGENERATION fans out there: here’s a cool t-shirt design on Qwertee called USBgendered “for those of us who think beyond binary.” Like Qwertee the site (and “Qwertee” the name), this design perfectly combines t-shirts with geek love (i.e. the love of all things techie). Like any of their shirts, you can vote to get it printed in a limited edition for only $12 bucks a pop.

Growing into his own: an interview with trans youth advocate Sean Ebony Coleman

Article: Growing into his own: an interview with trans youth advocate Sean Ebony Coleman

As the youth from TRANSGENERATION have shown us, each trans* person’s journey through identification and transition is unique. Access to mentors and resources for support can make a huge difference to a young person, no matter where they are in the process. But for transgender people of color whose stories often go untold, lack of visibility can lead to an even greater sense of isolation. We spoke with Sean Ebony Coleman, Executive Director of Destination Tomorrow, to shed light on the experience of a role model in the trans community of color and hear his perspective on what’s important to young trans folks today.

Top 10 who's who in gay America

Article: Top 10 who's who in gay America

Gay culture has been having its time under the klieg lights in Washington, and all around the country, with plenty of accomplishments to be proud of. From homosexuals being allowed to serve openly in the military, to the advancement of marriage rights in some states (losses in others), to President Obama sharing his new and improved, we mean evolved, view on the matter.

Top 10 gay sex scenes in mainstream movies

Article: Top 10 gay sex scenes in mainstream movies

Thanks to the Hays Code, gay characters were largely missing from the movies up until 1968. And even more recently than that, it was considered career suicide for a male actor to “play gay.” These days, it’s not hard to find gay characters in mainstream Hollywood films — the gay best friend has become a rom-com staple. But the gay side kick, as Hollywood portrays him, tends to be much more interested in shopping and gossiping with his straight female friends than in having sex.

Top 10 transgender films

Article: Top 10 transgender films

In honor of TRANSGENERATION airing Tuesdays at 10p on Sundance Channel, we wanted to curate a screening list of the best transgender-themed flicks out there. In order to make our list, the films in question had to feature a sympathetic portrayal of a transgendered character in a leading role — hence PSYCHO and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS did not make the cut. No, the following films are all thoughtful, moving depictions of people struggling through life — people who are human first, transgendered second.

Naked News: Girl Scouts stand by their transgender members

Article: Naked News: Girl Scouts stand by their transgender members

The Girl Scouts are standing by their transgender-inclusive policy despite a threatened boycott of Girl Scout cookies. Which sounds as good an excuse as any we’ve heard to over-indulge in Thin Mints this winter.
Pee in Peace iPhone app helps transgender people find the nearest single stall or gender neutral bathroom (in Ithaca, NY, only so far… but they have hopes to expand!).

The kids are alright: raising LGBT kids in a world without angst

Article: The kids are alright: raising LGBT kids in a world without angst

The world was touched by the Boston Globe article about a family’s love for their transgender child as they braved unknown challenges that resulted in small but powerful local change, validating budding medical practices, and proving America’s love of family is alive and well. Young people are becoming more honest about their sexuality and identities earlier in life, almost eradicating the rite of passage known as coming out of the closet. The Internet, along with the media’s portrayal of characters that experience this angst-ridden niche, provides a voice to young people drowning in a pool of isolated depression—so thank you, gay-liberal-Hollywood-mafia agenda. Having parents that are brave enough to accept what they do not understand, or never expected, from their children can have a positive effect on everyone involved. This is not an isolated phenomenon, rather a beautiful example of our emo-world in the 21st Century.

Dropping the T-bomb: Tackling our 'Tranny' problem

Article: Dropping the T-bomb: Tackling our 'Tranny' problem

Poor Kelly Osbourne, losing her fiancĂ© to a transsexual model. And poor Neal Patrick Harris, putting his foot in his mouth co-hosting Live with Kelly, uttering “Tranny” on national television, twice. NPH is a terrific poster child for gay men and Queer America (men had ceded that role to Ellen and Rosie, even Gaga). It seems Ms. Patrick Harris realized using the T-Bomb was in poor taste, and tweeted an apology, maybe because as a gay man he understands how people let hateful words fly absentmindedly. I really felt pity for the gentleman—for Kelly O, things happen.

Naked News: In space, safe sex may be the only kind of sex

Article: Naked News: In space, safe sex may be the only kind of sex

Sex in space? Maybe. But scientists still aren’t sure that reproduction works in the microgravity of space.
Economists say adult circumcision is not the most cost-effective anti-HIV tactic.
Study finds that moderate exercise makes middle-aged women feel better about themselves, while intense work-outs make them feel like shit.
New York considers Medicaid for transgender surgeries.
The rape definition in federal crime statistics is too narrow, critics, say.

"Sex in America with Lisa Ling"

Article: "Sex in America with Lisa Ling"

At least, that’s what Ling’s new show on OWN (Oprah’s new tv network) should be called, instead of “Our America with Lisa Ling.” After all, four of the first five episodes focus on matters of sexuality: There’s “Pray the Gay Away,” which looks at the conflicts between Christianity and homosexuality; “Transgendered Lives,” which profiles several different people who were born in the wrong body; “The State of Sex Offenders” which takes a look at criminals once they’re out of jail; and tonight at 10pm “Online Brides,” which we’re guessing (from the promos) follows men to foreign lands who are in search of love (read: paid-for sex slaves). The first three (which we’ve seen) all take a very personal and intimate look at how these issues are affecting real people — it’s fascinating stuff, all shot very cinematically.

Naked News: Old people sex, frozen eggs, and bed bugs

Article: Naked News: Old people sex, frozen eggs, and bed bugs

Senior citizens are getting frisky without protection — STD rates are booming amongst the baby boomer generation.
In more cheery news, post-menopausal lesbian sex may be something to look forward to.

Transgender kids say the smartest things

Article: Transgender kids say the smartest things

Thanks to a tip from Goodvibes, we just watched this short and sweet clip from Jasmine, a 7-year-old transgender* kid who’s wise beyond her years. It reminded us of an excellent This American Life episode from earlier this year which features a touching story of two 8-year-olds who meet up when their families attend a…

All in the family

Article: All in the family

Cher’s long been an icon to the gay community. She embraced camp from the beginning of her career. She was inappropriately sexy at ages most retire. She embraced disco, and later, house, music originated in gay nightclubs. And there are countless drag queens who owe a bit of inspiration to this lady. Hell, all drag queens have been inspired by her in one way or another.