Top 5 Robert Carlyle Movies

Article: Top 5 Robert Carlyle Movies

Whether he’s showcasing his psychotic side in a Danny Boyle flick, or putting on the most joyous (and hysterical) strip tease of all time, Robert Carlyle has a knack for stealing scenes. The Scottish actor’s got a magnetism and raw intensity that carries over between drama, comedy, and even horror–and you’ll find some of each on our list of his top five performances below.

Stream The New Underworld

Article: Stream The New Underworld

Longstanding English techno duo Underworld haven’t released a proper full-length in five years — right, right, way more than A Hundred Days Off. Note: we’re not counting the Breaking And Entering soundtrack, despite the lovely “Counterpoint Hang Pulse,” because the film starred Jude Law, who we’re currently pissed at after being forced to watch Cold…