Greener Consumption: The just-for-kids edition

Article: Greener Consumption: The just-for-kids edition

Sure, kids need lots of stuff, but that doesn’t have to be a reason to compromise your environmental values. From back-to-school shopping to playtime, we’ve found a whole range of products that keep your kids green.

No fast food toys for DOCTOR SEUSS' THE LORAX

Article: No fast food toys for DOCTOR SEUSS' THE LORAX

A big-budget kid film almost always means a partnership with a fast food giant, and plastic toys stuffed in kids’ meals, right? Not in the case of the upcoming DOCTOR SEUSS’ THE LORAX. Given the source work’s environmentalist theme, Universal Pictures decided that such promotional practices might come off as kind of crass.

How to defeat zombies using sex toys

Article: How to defeat zombies using sex toys

One of our favorite sex toy retailers across the pond, Love Honey, really knows how to have fun with holidays. A few Halloweens ago they sent us a bunch of “Death by Orgasm” bullet vibes packaged in cute little coffins that we gave out to our Halloween Haiku contest winners (Lo also awarded one to the best costume winner at her annual Halloween party). This Halloween, they’re doing it again with a video series entitled “How to Defeat Zombies Using Sex Toys.” The production value is almost as good as…

Barbie's dirty secret: rainforest destruction

Article: Barbie's dirty secret: rainforest destruction

Think what you will about Greenpeace and their often aggressive brand of activism… they do know how to create clever, eye-catching campaigns around important environmental issues. Rainforest destruction is a big one for them (as well as most of us), and after tracing the pulp source of packaging for toys from brands like Mattel, Hasbro, Lego, and Disney back to Indonesian rainforests, they did what any responsible organization would: they broke the news to Barbie’s longtime companion Ken. You can see the fallout in the video above…

Lelo's new line of sensual accessories

Article: Lelo's new line of sensual accessories

Lelo’s Etherea Silk Cuffs
One of our favorite toy creators, Lelo, just launched a line of sensual accessories for glamorous bondage experimentation, i.e. cosmopolitan kink, tantalizing teasing, filthy rich restraint, etc. The high-quality materials (which come in cherry red, deep purple, or black) and even higher price tags will make your dabbling in BDSM seem less, um, unseemly. But if you’re gonna get tied up and be forced to moan like a dying cow, might as well do it in style.

Mad Men Barbies

Article: Mad Men Barbies

Mattel is set to release four new Barbies ($75 each!) based on characters from Mad Men this coming July to coincide with the start of the show’s fourth season. There’s main character Don Drapper and his soulless wife Betty, company head Roger Sterling and his one-time mistress and office manager extraordinaire, Joan Holloway. While Mattel chose to leave out the “inappropriate,” sinful accessories like martinis, packs of Lucky Strike, and silk panties in suit pockets that are ever-present on the show, it’s still a bold choice for the company to celebrate such a debauched group of alcoholic adulterers. But then again, Barbie was created in 1959, right around the time Mad Men takes place — a time when women were expected to simply look pretty and shut up, make a nice home, and expect their husbands to cheat. So maybe this licensing agreement is not so bold, maybe it’s just eerily perfect.

It's the (next) holiday season: Valentine's Day gift ideas for kinksters

Article: It's the (next) holiday season: Valentine's Day gift ideas for kinksters

Since we’ve got the post holiday blues, we’re just going to jump right into the next holiday season: Valentine’s Day! (Stop your groaning — we’re helping make sure it doesn’t sneak up on you like it always does so you’re not stuck without a decent token of affection for your sweetie come Feb 14th.) The…

Jingle balls!

Article: Jingle balls!

Smartballs by Fun Factory That warm, fuzzy feeling you get from the holiday season can be experienced any time of year really (at least by the ladies) thanks to Smartballs, vaginal balls-within-balls that rotate fast and steadily with pelvic movement to help improve PC muscle strength and sensitivity — the lazy way of doing your…

Toxic Toys Test High for Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, or Mercury

Article: Toxic Toys Test High for Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, or Mercury

One-third of the nearly 700 children’s toys tested by a nonprofit organization this holiday season contained one or more toxic chemicals, including lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury.

Barbie just wants to have fun

Article: Barbie just wants to have fun

Barbie, long a brand that epitomizes wholesome, American values, has switched gears with the announcement of a new line of dolls in the likeness of 1980s pop music icons. Women, who were little girls during that decade of greed and outrageous fashion, assuredly will approve. Gay guys, who secretly worshipped both pop stars and Barbie dolls, will scream like little girls.

Lego house update

Article: Lego house update

Earlier this summer I shared news that UK’s TOP GEAR host James May was building a house made entirely of Lego bricks. Well construction has gotten underway. Here’s a fun photo gallery update of the impressive progress so far. Maybe I was thinking a little too big and unrealistic when I heard the original announcement;…

Raggedy Ann & Andy's big move

Article: Raggedy Ann & Andy's big move

Toy collectors of the world, like myself, will lose a special place this year.  The Raggedy Ann & Andy Museum located in Arcola, Il. is set to close by year’s end. The dolls, created by Johnny Gruelle in 1915, have had tremendous staying power. Their likeness has appeared on products ranging from nutcrackers to spinach cans…

GI Joe versus THE THING

Article: GI Joe versus THE THING

I have already written about my obsession with GI Joe action figures here on SUNfiltered. From my childhood I also have fond memories of watching, scared out of my mind, JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING. That film is just creepy. Directors Simon Gesrel and Xavier Ehretsmann have created the above video for the Electro band Zombie…

G.I. Joe characters brought out of the closet

Article: G.I. Joe characters brought out of the closet

Many thirtysomething men are anxiously awaiting today’s release of GI JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA. We grew up in the 80s, obsessed with the action figures, and the film offers another chance to feel young again. While GI JOE is a macho Hollywood film, the toys themselves were always a bit homo. Think about it. Action figures?…

Building a full size lego house

Article: Building a full size lego house

Popular UK auto show TOP GEAR (and admittedly one of my favorite shows as well) presenter James May has more than three million Lego bricks and is asking for the public’s help this Saturday, August 1 in building a full size two-story house made entirely of Legos for his BBC series TOY STORIES. As marketing…

Green tech finds (6/25/09)

Article: Green tech finds (6/25/09)

Elephant poop, chicken feathers, and iPhone apps… that’s the stuff of good green tech stories!

Smart water: You’ve heard all about smart electrical grids… now Rotterdam, in partnership with IBM, is working on a smart water management system. (via Fast Company)
Transformers 3 — The Solar Edition? No greenlights on the movie yet, but these cool 6-toys-in-1 solar-powered robots can introduce your kids to the wonders of solar power (via The Fun Times Guide to Living Green and Inhabitots).

DIY Contemporary Art Kits

Article: DIY Contemporary Art Kits

If you don’t have the financial wherewithal to possess these pieces of art, nor the creativity to produce your own original works that’ll capture the imagination of the public, then use these do-it-yourself kits to imitate your favorite contemporary art superstars. For example, Damien Hirst’s “For the Love of God” – a diamond covered skull…

Florentijn Hofman's super sized stuffed animals

Article: Florentijn Hofman's super sized stuffed animals

Florentijn Hofman is currently showing at Galerie West his latest project “Dushi” which is a series of extremely oversized stuffed animals “where the change of scale completely changes their function and feeling.” Yes, they’ve been altered to be even MORE cuddly.

Yoram Wolberger's life sized figurines

Article: Yoram Wolberger's life sized figurines

San Francisco based Israeli artist Yoram Wolberger provides a different perspective on childhood and nostalgia with his series of life sized fiberglass sculptures of instantly recognizable plastic toy figurines, such as cowboys, Indians, and green soldiers.

Let's play a game: sexy, sick or stupid?

Article: Let's play a game: sexy, sick or stupid?

photo: from Babeland’s Hello Kitty Vibrator Contest

Here’s a round-up of some new sex-related swag available. We’ll let you decide which category each falls into:

Babeland and Goodvibes are now carrying the old Hello Kitty “neck massager.” (Babeland’s also holding an adorable — or adorably twisted — Hello Kitty Vibe Photo Contest through September of this year.)

LEGO + Frank Lloyd Wright

Article: LEGO + Frank Lloyd Wright

I could not be more excited for this news: LEGO in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is releasing a new line consisting of 6 buildings, including two of Wright’s most famous designs, “Falling Water” and the Guggenheim, although NPR’s Edward Lifson commented “I can’t believe that in the Lego set they include the…

Siftables: artificially intelligent toys

Article: Siftables: artificially intelligent toys

In this excellent short TED talk, an MIT grad student named David Merrill demonstrates the capabilities of Siftables, biscuit-size toy blocks that interact with each other using complex sensors. Siftables can be used to solve math problems, generate electronic music, create art, and tell stories: The technology used in Siftables is interesting on its own…