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Electronics Recyclers Held to New National Guidelines

Article: Electronics Recyclers Held to New National Guidelines

WASHINGTON, DC, November 3, 2008 (ENS) – Recycling obsolete electronics is getting easier and more convenient as more manufacturers take responsibility for collecting and recycling older, unwanted equipment. Dell Computers and Goodwill, for instance, this week launched Reconnect, a free computer recycling service in the greater New York city and eastern New York state area.…

How Green are Fireworks?

Article: How Green are Fireworks?

For 231 years, the United States has celebrated the nation’s independence (and its birthday) on July 4. For many of those years, many of us have celebrated by shooting off fireworks or otherwise blowing stuff up. Put in those terms, it seems like an odd way to celebrate, so we got to wondering: how green…