Reused t-shirt entrepreneur goes on tour

Article: Reused t-shirt entrepreneur goes on tour

If you’re looking for green t-shirts, you’ve got lots of choices: organic cotton, recycled materials, or even bamboo and hemp. To my knowledge, though, Alex Eaves’ Stay Vocal is the only company out there selling reused t-shirts. That’s right… buy one of his products, and it may be a shirt someone’s worn before… though it’s just as likely to be a shirt that a vendor would’ve have otherwise tossed if Stay Vocal hadn’t purchased it. The company puts its own marks on these shirts through a variety of means: patches that go over existing printing, printing on top of printing, or even turning the shirt inside out and adding design.

Last Night's Party with Conan O'Brien

Article: Last Night's Party with Conan O'Brien

I felt lucky last night to attend Conan O’Brien’s “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour” at Radio City Music Hall last night. It really lived up to the hype, especially with all the surprises. Highlights included (Spoiler alert): Reggie Watts warming up the crowd with a killer set. CoCo defeating Steven Colbert…

Saying goodbye to a-ha

Article: Saying goodbye to a-ha

Growing up gay in the 1980s I often listened to techno-pop in my room and dreamed of escaping. The souring falsettos of bands like Erasure, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, and a-ha kept me grounded back then. I escaped into music.
Unlike the other aforementioned bands, a-ha all but disappeared from American radio and record store shelves by the 1990s. But not so in the rest of the world. In the 2000s the band scored massive hits all over Europe. The Norwegian supergroup remained relavent everywhere else across the globe. With synth stabs and the Morten Harket’s soaring falsetto, the greatest pop’s ever seen, the band made infectious and tightly-produced records.

At their New York show this past Saturday night the band did not disappoint.

Grace Jones – a mad hatter

Article: Grace Jones – a mad hatter

Gay icon and scary woman Grace Jones is on tour. Relics of the 1980s continue to tour – look at Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys – but I am especially excited about Ms. Jones coming to town. The onetime fashion model turned Warhol muse turned chanteuse has remained remarkably youthful in appearance over…

The Crystal Method: Exclusive "Behind-the-scenes" look at Divided By Night

Article: The Crystal Method: Exclusive "Behind-the-scenes" look at Divided By Night

Comprised of Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan, THE CRYSTAL METHOD is one of the best-selling electronica bands in the United States. They’ve come a long way since their debut album, Vegas (’97), which went platinum…a feat that most electronic bands can only dream of. Having earned their reputation for creating explosive live sets throughout the 90′s, the duo has gone beyond studio mixing and DJ-ing to scoring film, television, and video games. During a hiatus following the release of Community Service II (’05), Kirkland and Jordan took a break from live performance and focused on other projects like their first original motion picture soundtrack for LONDON, Nike’s Drive: Nike + Original Run, and the deluxe edition of Vegas which contained various remixes.

Divided By Night is their latest album and is their “re-introduction” into performing live sets once again. Recently seeing them in concert, Lara Marsman of BILLBOARD.COM said that they “still perform as they did fifteen years ago, even after a five-year hiatus, demonstrating why they are the original gangsters of electronic music.”

Read more about The Crystal Method and view the exclusive behind-the-scenes video!