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Top 10 movie meltdowns

Article: Top 10 movie meltdowns

One of the most enjoyable things about movie watching is that moment when someone loses his or her crackers, even if just for a moment, showing us a whole other shade of character. And as enjoyable as it is for the audience, we suspect that it’s probably lots of fun for the actors to let loose a little too. A compendium of raging, comic, emotional and/or heartbreaking meltdowns follows.

Top 10 seriously messed-up movies

Article: Top 10 seriously messed-up movies

Summer may not officially end until later in September, but come on: Labor Day has passed, and summer is over. It’s time to put away summer spectacles and let cool breezes and chillier moods wash over you. You can get away with less ebullient movies in the fall than you can in the summer; this goes for Sundance Channel, too — just check out this month’s lineup. It’s hard to get too bummed out by a well-told story or a stylishly made film (then again: DANCER IN THE DARK), but these are 10 seriously messed-up stories. In ascending order of potential to disturb you…

Top 10 world's greatest underdogs

Article: Top 10 world's greatest underdogs

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Everyone loves an underdog, right? They’re the people who manage to make something out of nothing by transforming themselves — and the world along the way. From tenth-century Japanese courtesans to twentieth-century chess sensations, it’s the underdogs and their uncompromising internal will that we remember in the history books, not the people who gave up or left the work to someone else.

Top 10 recession-proof jobs

Article: Top 10 recession-proof jobs

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It’s tricky to predict what industries are impervious to a recession. Even organized labor’s future seems uncertain in ways. But here are a few jobs, off the beaten path, that have proven to keep workers afloat during stressful times, like the ones we’re experiencing right now. See if any of them speak to you.

Top 10 ways that warm weather is good for your sex life

Article: Top 10 ways that warm weather is good for your sex life

And no, we’re not talking about sex on the beach. Call us square, but we fail to see how a sandy crotch improves anyone’s sex life. Not to mention a mouthful of seaweed. Here are ten much better reasons why the arrival of warm weather is good for your love life:

Top 10 reasons why Don Draper would make a terrible boyfriend

Article: Top 10 reasons why Don Draper would make a terrible boyfriend

The fifth season of MAD MEN premiered last night on AMC with a two-hour special, and Don Draper did nothing to change our minds about his relationship potential. Peggy may worry that he’s a kinder, cuddlier Draper, but we have no such concerns. After all, she didn’t see him resolve a domestic dispute by pretend-raping his wife (what was up with that weird retro porn scene anyway?!). Here are our top ten reasons why Don Draper would make a terrible boyfriend:

Top ten Hollywood dream couples

Article: Top ten Hollywood dream couples

Okay, most of the people in this article are not couples, let alone gay. A girl, however, can dream and fantasize because the imagination is a wonderful thing where everybody is gay and nothing hurts. I’m no matchmaker, but I personally think these couples would be absolutely fabulous together, and perhaps just putting it out there to the cosmos will get a few of these fellas moving on up to the other side. I’m kidding. I’m the best matchmaker–me and Paul Rudd are perfect for each other!