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Top 10 semi-nude film scenes

Article: Top 10 semi-nude film scenes

Nudity is great (okay, it’s totally awesome), but sometimes the old adage is true: you really can get too much of a good thing. Oftentimes a film scene is enhanced by suggesting rather than showing, hinting rather than hammering. These ten notable sequences cut back on the graphic imagery for different reasons — to play a particularly lewd joke, to suggest the frustration of the characters, or to sneak around a pesky MPAA rating — but they all have one thing in common. They prove that sometimes less really is more.

Top 10 dirtier books

Article: Top 10 dirtier books

A few weeks back we jumped on the Twitter hashtag #lessambitiousbooks bandwagon, with a list of our Top 10 Less Ambitious Sex Books (The Joy of Dry Humping, Slight Hangup About Flying, etc.). This time around we figured we’d create our own damn hashtag — #dirtierbooks — so that nobody could accuse us of being late to the game. The trick with #dirtierbooks is to be clever without sounding like a cheesy porno (The Da Vinci Load, A Tale of Two Titties, et al). Below are our top 10 best attempts. So, er, anyone want to jump on our bandwagon? (That came out dirtier than we meant it.)

Top 10 less ambitious sex books

Article: Top 10 less ambitious sex books

We’re suckers for a good Twitter hashtag — they can make everyone feel like a stand-up comedian for a few minutes (not to mention giving us all a break from reading what our colleagues ate for breakfast). We particularly loved the #lessambitiousbooks hashtag that was trending this week, and of course we jumped on the bandwagon, finding ourselves hilarious @EMandLO. We were planning on publishing a round-up of our favorite sex- and love-related entries found on Twitter, but as it turned out, we had more fun coming up with our own. So here are our top 10 less ambitious sex (or sexy) books:

The top 10 sex scandals of 2011

Article: The top 10 sex scandals of 2011

It’s the most top-10-list time of year! And we’re not even going to try to resist its allure. 2011 was no stranger to sex scandals (is any year?). Most were political and/or not really all that surprising. And so, without further ado:

photo of DSK graffiti via Flickr

1. DSK
2. Shirtless congressman on Craigslist
3. Arnold’s love child

Top 10 gay commandments for girl friends

Article: Top 10 gay commandments for girl friends

If you have a gay best friend, consider yourself lucky–they’re the best of the best. However, you should know that there are certain rules that come with such a friendship, certain rules that make or break even the best of friendships. Learn them here, now: Top 10 Gay Commandments for Girl Friends.

Top 10 Gay Friends to Have

Article: Top 10 Gay Friends to Have

Hey, it doesn’t matter what ‘type’ of gay guy you have in your life. If you love him because he’s the smartest guy you know, or because he’s the most loyal friend you’ve ever had, or just because he always shows you a good time. He’s the buddy in your life you can count on, no matter what category he fits into.

We’ve got our favorite Top 10 Gay Friends to Have.

Top 10 Gay stereotypes that just need to stop

Article: Top 10 Gay stereotypes that just need to stop

We see them television, we see them in movies, we see them in small-minded people who saw Will and Grace twice and have a sudden understanding of the gay community as a whole. Here are stereotypes we’re sick of seeing.

Top 10 Tips for the Straight Girl at the Gay Club

Article: Top 10 Tips for the Straight Girl at the Gay Club

Jared and Tenisha at the GWLBWLB premiere party in Nashville.

If you’re a girl like me, you’ve taken a Saturday night off from sitting in your sweatpants or going to the dive bar next door to talk to some ‘starving artist’ that will never call you. Instead, you pregame heavily with your Mr. Right Gay and take a 20 dollar cab to his favorite gay club, where you watch him flirt with a sea of mostly shirtless men to dance remixes of Robyn. Believe me, it’s not a sacrifice. However, if you’re a newbie to the whole ‘straight lady in a gay pond’ thing, you might need a couple of tips on how to maximize your night of fun.

Check out these Top 10 pointers for the Gay Clubbin’ Straight Girl.

Top 10 Hollywood Hot Messes Who Need a Gay Best Friend

Article: Top 10 Hollywood Hot Messes Who Need a Gay Best Friend

Nobody provides water cooler fodder than the hottest hot messes in Hollywood. We love ‘em to little bits and crushed-up, little, prescription medication pieces simply because they can’t seem to stop…screwing up. Lindsay posing in Playboy? Like Marilyn? Again? Courtney Stodden is getting her breasts examined on national television? I don’t get it–does bleach leak into your brain? Of course, instead of dipping into the schadenfreude we could be real pals and get these ladies and gents some help…in the form of a gay man, of course. Nothing says intervention quite like one of our beloved gay boyfriends telling us to wake up and smell the vodka all over our clothes!!

Diane Arbus' top 10 most famous portraits

Article: Diane Arbus' top 10 most famous portraits

Before 2003, the world hadn’t seen a major exhibition of Diane Arbus’ work in almost thirty years, during a traveling exhibition in the 1970s, and given the overwhelming response to “Diane Arbus Revelations” (2003-2006), the world was long overdue. Filmmaker Steven Shainberg (SECRETARY) took note and in 2006 relased FUR: AN IMAGINARY PORTRAIT OF DIANE ARBUS, starring Nicole Kidman as Arbus and Robert Downey Jr. as Lionel Sweeney, a fictionalized version of one of Arbus’ portraiture subjects. Since Arbus dwelled in a bizarre, fantastical and on-the-fringe world, it’s only fitting that an imagined story of her life is as close to a real ‘biopic’ as we’re likely to get. Get ready for Sundance Channel’s Sunday night screening (October 16th at 7:55p) with some her most famous photographs…

Top 10 reasons why Wednesdays are the best night to get laid

Article: Top 10 reasons why Wednesdays are the best night to get laid

In a recent article for the New York Times, statistician Nate Silver hooked up with OkCupid’s Nate Rudder to determine which day of the week is best to meet someone at a bar. They came up with something called the “sexual availability index,” and found that you’re most likely to get laid on a Wednesday night. So here are our best guess at why Wednesday’s the winner…

Top 10 do's and don'ts of sensual massage

Article: Top 10 do's and don'ts of sensual massage

Massage as foreplay is one of those sex tips that “everyone knows” — but few people know well. Be honest, how many times have you actually massaged your partner for longer than a few minutes of shoulder squeezing in front of the TV, or a half-hearted swish over their back with your palms? Anything more and your thumbs start to throb, or your own back starts to ache. So we asked massage therapist Denis Merkas from Couples Massage Courses for some pointers on getting it right. And we promise to spare you that junior-high stat about what percentage of massages lead to sex. Because we’re talking about grownup massage here — the kind that was always intended to lead to sex, duh.

1. Don’t squirt oil onto your partner’s body. Squirting cold oil onto warm skin looks sexy in the movies, but feels terrible in real life. Squirt your oil into one hand and then rub your palms together to warm the oil up before applying to the body. Much sexier.

Top 10 most underrated sex acts

Article: Top 10 most underrated sex acts

After more than a decade in the sex writing biz, we have seen our share of sexual gimmicks come and go. Today, we would like to highlight ten perennially under-praised sex acts. Think of it as under-doggie-style! (See yesterday’s post for the Top 10 Most Overrated Sexual Acts).

Using lube. It’s not a crutch, it’s not “insulting” or “slutty” or “presumptuous” to keep some in your nightstand, and it makes sex better for everyone. What’s not to love?
Manual sex. A.k.a. “hand jobs,” though we think that calling it that undermines all the heavy lifting they’re capable of doing in the bedroom. And look, Ma, no STDs!

Top 10 most overrated sex acts

Article: Top 10 most overrated sex acts

After more than a decade in the sex writing biz, we have seen our share of sexual gimmicks come and go, many of them vastly overrated. Below are the top ten sexual acts that, while they may be more substantial than gimmicks, continue to get more accolades than they deserve. Also, check out the Top 10 Most Underrated Sexual Acts — a.k.a. under-doggie-style — that we’ll feature tomorrow.

Threeways. Too many elbows, too few orgasms. Also, there’s the jealousy, the insecurity, and the awkward post-coital cuddling and/or brunch. ‘Nuff said?
The 69 position. Kind of like communism: great in theory, not in practice.
Simultaneous orgasms. What is that saying, the great is the enemy of the good? Sure, the simultaneous O is awesome when it happens, but individual orgasms are pretty dandy, too. And sometimes, an alternating spotlight is a good idea — especially if that thing that pushes your partner over the edge requires a certain degree of concentration and/or skill.

Top 10 Fashion Shows from Fall 2011

Article: Top 10 Fashion Shows from Fall 2011

See FFF Editor-in-chief Kelley Culp’s Top 10 favorite shows from the Fall 2011 runways. Get a bit of fashion inspiration in our latest style diary on a beautiful bug collecting designer. See what the boys are wearing to carnival in Rio. Be in the know on the latest in fashion news and gossip with FULL FRONTAL…

10 best movie sex scenes of 2010

Article: 10 best movie sex scenes of 2010

Okay, make that, the ten best movie sex scenes and/or kissing scenes of 2010. Things were a little prudish out there this year — you had to get your vicarious thrills where you could… and besides, we like to work with an all-inclusive definition of sex around these parts. Kissing counts too!

Get Him to the Greek: The awkward, let’s-not-do-this-again threeway. Low on chemistry, high on reality factor, unlike most on-screen threeways these days (yes, we’re talking to you, Gossip Girl). Oh yeah, and it’s an M-M-F threesome…meaning, Russell Brand and Jonah Hill totally French.
Date Night: The sweet, married, sitting-side-by-side-in-a-diner-booth kiss. The one on the doorstep in broad daylight (hi, neighbor!) is not bad either. Hey, cheesy goes a long way after a decade or two of marriage. Let’s hear it for monogamy!

Top 10 Artist Websites

Article: Top 10 Artist Websites

Your source for procrastination today: ARTINFO’s top ten favorite artist websites. The navigation of many of those sites are kind of terrible, but I really like Olaf Breuning’s site a lot, especially the intro page. 4. Olaf Breuning, This site is about ten times more fun than it needs to be: it includes a…

10 ways giving up on perfection may save your (sex) life

Article: 10 ways giving up on perfection may save your (sex) life

Recent studies show that the personality trait of perfectionism is linked to poor physical health and an increased risk of death — in particular when it’s what psychologists call “socially prescribed perfectionism,” i.e. where you feel like other people expect you to be perfect (as opposed to “self-oriented perfectionism,” when you impose the high standards on yourself — apparently not quite such a health risk). Then again, is it possible to completely separate what you think others expect of you and what you expect of yourself? Where does one end and the other begin?

10 reasons why we love Samantha Bee

Article: 10 reasons why we love Samantha Bee

She posed in a bee costume for the cover of her new memoir, i know i am, but what are you? And still manages to look kinda hot in it.
She’s a fan of pubic hair. “Our body looks weird without it,” she told The Frisky. “Vaginas don’t look that nice to me without it. Like, little girls have cute vaginas. But lady vaginas, you need a little hair. It makes it look better. I just resent being told I’m supposed to do something with my pubic hair. Fuck off! It’s my thing. If you don’t like it, let’s move on. I don’t like you.”

10 thoughts on the separation of Al and Tipper Gore

Article: 10 thoughts on the separation of Al and Tipper Gore

Really? The Gores? The couple most likely to make it to old age on a rocker-for-two on the front porch?!
Not the Clintons? We have to admit, it’s a little refreshing to know that even such public marriages can have their secrets and mysteries.
We now feel truly bad about the number of times we made fun of the Gores’ ew-Mom-and-Dad-are-kissing smooch at the 2000 Democratic Convention.

Top 10 summer love movies

Article: Top 10 summer love movies

1. Body Heat

2. Adventureland

Eight more after the jump!

Top 10 songs about bad sex

Article: Top 10 songs about bad sex

There are plenty of bad songs about sex — and we’re guessing that they’re in heavy rotation when any cast member of Jersey Shore hooks up. But there are some truly excellent songs about bad sex. Here are a few lyric excerpts from some of our favorites (with thanks to our readers on Facebook and Twitter for help compiling this; although to the reader who nominated “Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation” by Whitechapel — er, thanks, but no thanks). Let’s see if we can get up to 25, or even 100 — put your other suggestions in the comments section below!

1. “Do You Remember the First Time” by Pulp

You say you’ve got to go home
‘Cause he’s sitting on his own again this evening
And I know you’re gonna let him bore your pants off again
Oh now it’s half past eight, you’ll be late

You say you’ve never been sure
Though it makes good sense for you to live together
Still you bought a toy that can reach the places he never goes
And now it’s getting late, he’s so straight

Top 10 Romantic Movies

Article: Top 10 Romantic Movies

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in ROMANCING THE STONE.

When I started asking around about what people’s favorite romantic movies were there was a lot of overlapping, but not one person mentioned any – not a single one – from my personal top 10 list, so I felt obliged to share them here (in no particular order) and see if there were any takers.


What’s more lovable than Meg Ryan in her adorable late 80s/early 90s phase? The answer is Meg Ryan side by side in an unexpected romantic duo with Billy Crystal. Who can forget her orgasmic experience at Katz’s Deli? This movie proves that sleeping with your friend doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your relationship.


Holly Golightly may not have found love in the Truman Capote original, but in the hands of screenwriter George Axelrod (THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH, THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, PARIS WHEN IT SIZZLES, to name a few) she not only finds love but looks fabulous doing it.

Top 10 sex tapes we REALLY don't want to see

Article: Top 10 sex tapes we REALLY don't want to see

When we read the horrifying news that there’s a John Edwards sex tape out there, we wondered, yet again, when celebrities will realize that the only way to guarantee your sex tape won’t leak is not to make it. But we guess that as long as egotistic, power-drunk celebs continue to think they can get away with cheating on their spouses, they’ll also think they can get away with making private sex tapes. However, we’d like to speak up in defense of all the poor innocent citizens (like, um, us) who will have trouble sleeping tonight, just at the thought that we might someday accidentally click on a link that shows us John Edwards’ O-face. For the love of god, please let us be spared that. In fact, while we’re making our plea, here are the top 10 sex tapes — whether real or imaginary — that we really, really, really don’t want to see.

John Edwards and his kooky toe-ring-wearing mistress Rielle Hunter.
Anything involving Hugh Hefner that was shot in the last four decades. Actually, anything starring Hef, ever.

Sundance Films Top 10 Infidelities

Article: Sundance Films Top 10 Infidelities

To count down to the Sundance Film Festival, we’ve been blogging about some of our favorite movie moments in the festival’s history. We’ve covered the Top 10 Lessons in Love, Top 10 Lessons in Young Love, Top 10 Oddest Couples, and Top 10 Sexy-FAIL Moments. This week is the final installment, and we saved the worst for last — infidelity, so bad for marriages, but so good for movie-makers. As Tolstoy sort of said, all happy marriages resemble one another, but each unhappy marriage is unhappy in its own way. Have a nice day!

  1. PERSONAL VELOCITY: THREE PORTRAITS: This movie is soaked through with infidelity, in particular the knock-on effect that infidelity (and its close cousins, abandonment and divorce) has on the kids. Philip Larkin put it best: “They fuck you up, your mum and dad. / They may not mean to, but they do. / They fill you with the faults they had / And add some extra, just for you.”
  2. THE INFORMERS: Based on Bret Easton Ellis’s story collection (’nuff said, perhaps?), this film’s speciality is early ’80s L.A. infidelity. In other words, the sex is fueled by booze and drugs and is even emptier than your average illicit shag.