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WIN WIN … wins!

Article: WIN WIN … wins!

Wow – here’s something amazing. Tom McCarthy’s WIN WIN is enjoying a 95% approval rating with’s “Top Critics” – the same score as something like Altman’s NASHVILLE. Not that these two movies have a lot in common. They don’t. But just in the general zeitgeist of movie-liking and likability, this movie is really … winning. Why? Read on to find out. (By the way, no secrets here. I really… liked it.)


Article: SXSW!

Our movie, SMALL, BEAUTIFULLY MOVING PARTS is going to Austin, Texas this week, and we are in the middle of getting it ready. Our hard work is paying off – we feel like we took the micro-budget bull by the horns and are excited to feel the fruits of that labor, in the form of SXSW audiences – some of the most film savvy, fun-loving audiences in the nation. SXSW is an interesting event – it’s massive, and it’s certainly not only about film. In fact, mention it to a passer-by on the street and most likely they will know about it for the music, first and foremost. Truth is, however, Interaction, Film, Comedy – all parts of this extravaganza are extremely important to their own industries. It’s a massive intersection of some of the most creative people around … all in search of some good barbeque, and an experience that is relaxing, surprising, friendly, and filled with discovery.

Here are some of the films we are excited about:

Sundance Film Festival Review Roundup: WIN WIN

Article: Sundance Film Festival Review Roundup: WIN WIN

Tom McCarthy’s WIN WIN, starring Paul Giamatti as a small-time New Jersey lawyer and high school wrestling coach who takes over guardianship of one of his elderly clients, is shaping up to be an early Sundance Film Festival favorite. Marshall Fine, writing in the Huffington Post, calls the film “touchingly funny” and says it features…