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The Power of Failure

Article: The Power of Failure

This episode starts on a low note. The grades are posted from the students’ first test – and almost everyone’s failed.

A moment later, Ellie says, “People said I was stupid… I started believing it. I started becoming it.”

In Episode One, almost every kid in the school said they didn’t study or that they didn’t care – in effect striving for failure… to be the person that they think everyone thinks they are.

They were reaffirming themselves as stereotypical dropouts. Ironic as Soledad O’Brien, their teacher this week, immediately digs into the question of, what do people assume about you when they look at you? And then she asks, “who are you really?” – and the answers are diametrically different from the previous ones.

Meet Mark Twain in this only known video recording

Article: Meet Mark Twain in this only known video recording

From the video vault of history, here is the only known video recording of great American author Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens hanging out with his daughters Clara and Jean. It was taken in 1909 at Twain’s estate in Stormfield, Connecticut with another famous American Thomas Edison directing behind the lens. Admittedly nothing too tremendously…

Bike tricks from 1899, filmed by Thomas Edison

Article: Bike tricks from 1899, filmed by Thomas Edison

At the tail end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, Thomas Edison filmed men doing bike tricks that seem surprisingly contemporary today. The description of this film at the Library of Congress reads: “‘Neidert,’ of national fame, does stunts on his wheel that are simply wonderful. Makes his bicycle rear up,…