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Your SUNfiltered summer mixtape

Article: Your SUNfiltered summer mixtape

With summer off and running and temperatures through the roof, it’s time we round out all the blockbuster activity and over-hyped, industry-funded forms of entertainment with what the season is really built for: semi-inappropriate decisions made with old and “new” friends during long weekends on the shore — all set to hip music. It’s as close to a consequence-free environment as any post-college adult trying to make art out of their life can get. So re-up your catalog with these music suggestions that will keep your days and nights hotter than the weather.

Wild Beasts nab Mercury Prize

Article: Wild Beasts nab Mercury Prize

Last September the Leeds-based band Wild Beasts released their sophomore album “Two Dancers,” and a year later they’re still riding high on the record’s success, nabbing a Mercury Prize for Album of Year alongside exciting young acts like I Am Kloot and The XX. The album itself is highly cerebral, highly original and widely acclaimed,…

The XX sexes up Central Park's Summer Stage

Article: The XX sexes up Central Park's Summer Stage

Exactly one year ago The XX was just one of many acts making their way through the revolving door of hopeful young bands at The Mercury Lounge, the LES launching pad for names like Joan Jett, Lou Reed, Interpol, Radiohead, Broken Social Scene, and more recently, Lady Gaga. The XX can now officially add their name to the list of success stories; The 3-piece British electro-pop group has become something of a sensation in the last year, and this past Sunday’s concert at Central Park’s Summer Stage was a one-year anniversary worth celebrating.