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Aaron Sorkin's dialogcycle and the promise of The Newsroom

Article: Aaron Sorkin's dialogcycle and the promise of The Newsroom

Fresh off the premiere of The Newsroom, the latest addition to the supremely wordy oeuvre of writer-creator Aaron Sorkin, the Internet was all abuzz over this

More Reasons to LOVE LUST – New Episodes Announced!

Article: More Reasons to LOVE LUST – New Episodes Announced!


Six New Episodes Range from “Street Eats” to “Sex Symbols” to “The Undead”.

New York –May 10, 2011 – From the foods we love to eat to the mythical creatures that love to eat us, Sundance Channel’s LOVE LUST will take on our guiltiest pleasures this summer, including the undead (vampires, zombies, etc.), social networks, sex symbols and secret societies. Airing Tuesdays nights, beginning June 7th at 10 pm ET/PT, each hour-long episode of LOVE LUST provides a definitive and entertaining account of how life’s cultural innovations progress from novelty to ubiquity.

The series kicks off the first of six new episodes on June 7th at 10pm et/pt with “Street Eats,” a delicious account of the world’s oldest and most beloved way to dine: on the street. Our experts chew on the savory history of the food trucks and sophisticated finger foods that have helped build communities and bring people together of every ethnicity and viewers will meet the surprising people that helped cook up the our cultural melting pot and the modern day pioneers that are elevating street food from grunge to gourmet.

The first installment of LOVE LUST debuted on Sundance Channel in February 2011, kicking off fashion week with stories of iconic sartorial staples like the “Bikini,” and “The Little Black Dress.” Four hour-long episodes unraveled the origin, and stitched together the evolution of various fashion must-haves.

Katharine, Jesse and Screwball Comedy in THE SOCIAL NETWORK

Article: Katharine, Jesse and Screwball Comedy in THE SOCIAL NETWORK

I have a friend and colleague here at Ohio University who stopped me in the hall last week: “THE SOCIAL NETWORK…?” — I had just seen it — “a Screwball Comedy without the comedy.” That makes it just screwball, right? I’d agree. I cannot wrap my mind around what the freaking bubble-dy blitz is all about. According to my colleague, Professor Louis-Georges Schwartz, Film Studies, Jesse Eisenberg stands in nicely for Katherine Hepburn, who is typically read as male in classic Screwball construction, only to be rightly feminized by such a film’s conclusion. Jesse as Katharine? Feminized from the start, Justin Timberlake’s bitch by the middle, his own version of the lonely and heart broken pimp by the end (read business card, “I’m CEO … bitch!”), Jessie certainly has the same Hepburn-esque wise-cracking snaps firing from his mouth, rat-tat-tat-tat-tat.



Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, the world’s youngest billionaire
THE SOCIAL NETWORK is the age-old story that pits the jocks against the geeks in a power play for popularity, only this time around there’s more at stake than just getting in with the cool kids. There’s a multi-billion dollar idea up for grabs, and it takes place at Harvard, which means that everyone, even the buff, blonde crew team champs, the Winklevoss twins, are just as smart and ambitious as the king geek, Mark Zuckerberg. Played by Jesse Eisenberg (THE SQUID AND THE WHALE) as supremely nerdy, even witheringly so, Zuckerberg is seldom without his uniform of baggy sweatshirts and Adidas sandals with white socks, all items of clothing not seen much in the Harvard final clubs (Fox, Phoenix, Porcellian) Zuckerberg is obsessed with. When he finds himself unable to get into any of them, and his girlfriend dumps him for his pathetic obsession with Harvard’s social elite, Zuckerberg and his roommates write an algorithm that soon spawns Facebook, or The Facebook, as it was originally called.

Was Facebook created just to help a geek get a girl?

Article: Was Facebook created just to help a geek get a girl?

According to the movie THE SOCIAL NETWORK (in theaters October 1st; we got a sneak preview last week), Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg –portrayed brilliantly by Jesse Eisenberg — was just trying to prove himself cool when he created the site while he was still a student at Harvard. He was a geek who couldn’t get the girl and couldn’t get into Harvard’s most exclusive social clubs and parties, and so he sought out to accumulate friends — or “friends” — the new-fangled way. Oh, and also, he might have kinda sorta “appropriated” the idea from some rich jock guys at Harvard. Though the best line in the movie, in Zuckerberg’s defense, spoken by Eisenberg (and possibly invented by script writer Aaron Sorkin), is this: “If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook.”