The Shining

The Sundance Review Revue: ROOM 237

Article: The Sundance Review Revue: ROOM 237

In the last couple years, technology has totally changed the world of film criticism. Affordable, easy-to-use editing software has empowered critics to become filmmakers themselves. You can see their work on YouTube, blogs like Press Play, and in movies like Sundance ’12 selection ROOM 237, a film entirely about another film, Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING.

A Very Stanley Kubrick New Year's Eve

Article: A Very Stanley Kubrick New Year's Eve

Just admit it. You don’t really want to go out on New Year’s Eve. It’s amateur hour! Someone will probably puke on you and you won’t be able to get a cab. And if you don’t live someplace with cabs there is a good chance 90% of people on the road will be drunk. Do yourself a favor and stay in. We’ve got you covered with a Stanley Kubrick double feature.

Famous movie scenes recreated with LEGO

Article: Famous movie scenes recreated with LEGO

Alex Eylar uses LEGO bricks and meticulous set-ups to recreate stills of famous scenes from American cinema. For this iconic shot from THE SHINING, he writes: The Shining twins are one of the few things in this world that REALLY creep me out. I saw that scene on TV when I was little; it’s always…

10 very scary movies

Article: 10 very scary movies

There are a lot of top ten lists for “scariest movie of all time,” but from box office hits to oddball cult classics, there are some movies that turn up again and again. You’ll notice a few favorites are missing, namely HALLOWEEN (1978), which has great 70s kitsch value and hands down more naked boobs than any movie on this list, but as a movie, it’s really not all the frightening, right? And no, I didn’t forget THE EXORCIST (1973) either, but buckets of green puke are more gross than scary. You’ll notice, too, that there aren’t a lot of new scary movies, and that’s not because I don’t like them, but I think we should let them stand the test of time a bit before we start putting them on all-time lists.

10. WAIT UNTIL DARK (1967)

This oft-forgotten gem stars Audrey Hepburn as a blind woman terrorized by Alan Arkin and his gang of thugs who think she has a doll full of heroin. Bet you never thought a refrigerator light would save your life.

9. NOSFERATU (1922)

Greatest vampire movie of all time? Michael Myers stole all Nosferatu’s best moves in HALLOWEEN (the white face, the lurking) but the original is still the bone-chilling best.