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Top Ten cult films: so bad they're scary

Article: Top Ten cult films: so bad they're scary

Our resident film critic, Michael Musto, recently wrote about five movies so terrible they’re actually kind of great. The number one film on that list, THE ROOM, also tops another best-of-the-bad rundown, the top ten “Awesomely Bad Films With Cult Followings,” or as I like to call it, ten films that are so bad it’s scary. In fact, many of them fall in the scary movie category, so if a high-budget horror flick isn’t your style, if you like it cheap and dirty, and above all – bad – then these movies are must see, especially as we countdown to the scariest day of the year. You’ve been warned…

The five best so-bad-they're-good movies

Article: The five best so-bad-they're-good movies

There’s nothing worse than a bad movie that’s not even entertaining about it. But a bomb that manages to perversely delight you with its awfulness is just the kind of train wreck you want to usher into your living room.

For your kind (if somewhat sadistic) consideration, here are the top five good-bad flicks of the modern age. But bear in mind, I haven’t seen ABDUCTION yet.


Article: THE ROOM

Journalist Tom Bissell wasn’t exaggerating in his recent piece for Harper’s Magazine when he called the 2003 movie THE ROOM, “the movie that an alien who has never seen a movie might make after having had movies thoroughly explained to him.” This and other comments (“THE ROOM is as bereft of familiar taxonomy as a bat from Mars”) might sound harsh until you actually see the thing, which enjoys monthly midnight screenings at Village East Cinema in NY. Unlike other movies that fall into the ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ category, THE ROOM is an earnest attempt at high drama, and as such the consistent stream of laughter it elicits from audiences can seem, well, kinda harsh.