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5 of oddball James Spader's oddest roles

Article: 5 of oddball James Spader's oddest roles

There’s just something about James Spader that reads… well, kind of odd. Intelligent, certainly, but also icky. He has a certain oddball appeal that often manifests in roles that are uncomfortably sexual — and, more often than not, you’re in for a mindfuck. Next up for Spader is the political drama LINCOLN, in which he plays a Tennessee lobbyist — but lest you’re worried he’s gone legit, he explained that his favorite thing about the role was smoking cigars, laughing and drinking… and being naughty and irreverent. Here are some of his oddest (and some of our favorite) roles to date.

Steve Carrell's farewell cake

Article: Steve Carrell's farewell cake

Rainn Wilson blogged (sidebar: kind of tech-y awesome that he uses Posterous…) a photo of this sweet and fitting farewell cake NBC gave Steve Carrell at his going away party (as we all sadly know this is his last season on The Office). As Rainn tweeted to mark the moment: “…And the angels of comedy…

The Office blueprint

Article: The Office blueprint

Last October, I blogged about Mark Bennett’s blueprints of fictional homes from pop culture. Similarly, the crowds at Reddit discussed this office blueprint for the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. I like how Ryan’s desk near the men’s restroom after his demotion is noted as well.