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I.M. Pei rubbed out

Article: I.M. Pei rubbed out

In the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art the names of those responsible for its construction are etched in stone. Enter now, however, and you’ll see that architect I.M. Pei’s name has been, quite intentionally, rubbed out. The psychics of rubbing down stone aside, could it, perhaps, have something to do with the (estimated) $85-million renovation of the building’s “systemic structural failure?” The National Gallery, which was completed in 1978, has a facade composed of 16,200 panels of pink Tennessee marble, and all of these panels are currently being removed and remounted.

Art addicts: Herb and Dorothy Vogel

Article: Art addicts: Herb and Dorothy Vogel

When Herb and Dorothy first began to actively, one might say exhaustively or compulsively, collect art it had to meet the following two criteria:

1. It must be affordable.
2. It must fit into their small Manhattan apartment.

As curators mourn declining sales, the Vogels are inspiration to anyone who loves art and is not a privileged, cynical snoot. Learn more about them…