The Hammer Museum

The Hammer ups its contemporary collection

Article: The Hammer ups its contemporary collection

“Pentheus” (2010) by Elliot Hundley
Ever since 2005 the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles has made it their mission to acquire a contemporary collection of art from WWII to the present with a focus on work made in Southern California; In only 5 years they’ve amassed nearly 1,500 works in a wide range of mediums from drawing and sculpture to film and video.

Carl Jung's "Red Book"

Article: Carl Jung's "Red Book"

The Red Book puts other artists notebooks to shame. Compiled over the period of time when Carl Jung was developing some of his most important ideas, including the Archetype, the Collective Unconscious, the Complex and synchronicity, the Red Book is a fitting visual companion. Part sketch book, part illuminated manuscript, Jung’s journal pairs carefully rendered (and nearly unreadable) calligraphy with colorful graphic drawings – the result of years spent studying world religions and spiritual traditions.