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School is in session

Article: School is in session

An Art History lesson at BHQFU.

Even though the Bruce High Quality Foundation has exhibited at places both high and low, from the W Hotel to P.S.1 MoMA and the upcoming Whitney Biennial, they still, quite often, have to explain themselves. One such example is the BHQFU, the Bruce High Quality Foundation University, a series of classes open to the public in subjects such as Philosophy of Motion Pictures, What’s a Metaphor and Occult Shenanigans in 20th/21st Century Art. More explanation defying courses are listed here, the most stupefying being the BHQFU Detective Agency (just try making sense of the website). But if you’re really interested and you want to know more, BHQFU, like a proper institution of higher learning, is having another open house this evening.

P.S.1 goes back to 1969

Article: P.S.1 goes back to 1969

Swingeing London 67, Richard Hamilton

1969 was a big year; so big, in fact, that people like me, who weren’t alive at the time, have vicarious memories of what it was like. Things like Vietnam, Civil Rights, sexual revolution, and the moon landing spring to mind. To commemorate not only the year itself, but its lasting impact on artists today, P.S.1 has devoted its entire 2nd floor to what it meant to live in 1969. “By juxtaposing the meditative space of the white cube gallery of the transplanted MoMA exhibition with the tumult of the outside world, 1969 reflects the expansive concerns held by artists of the time” like Lee Friedlander, Gary Winogrand, Robert Irwin, Joseph Beuys, Robert Morris and Sol LeWitt, including brand new work from Bruce Nauman, Mel Bochner and Robert Barry.