FUTURE WEATHER: Science meets story at Tribeca

Article: FUTURE WEATHER: Science meets story at Tribeca

A fictional film born from a factual source: that’s not so unusual, right? Almost any biopic falls loosely into that category, and films ranging from THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES to FROST/NIXON openly blend historical fact and a filmmaker’s imagination (as did their sources’ authors). But a story born from a scientific article? Sounds like either a stretch, or the prelude to a really boring evening. Even this kind of reimagining has worked in the past, though – think FAST FOOD NATION – and writer/director Jenny Deller is giving it another go her forthcoming FUTURE WEATHER.

Morgan Spurlock's new doc, MANSOME

Article: Morgan Spurlock's new doc, MANSOME

Tickets go on sale today for Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary, MANSOME, as part of the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival — but only for American Express cardholders (Amex is a founding sponsor of the festival). The rest of you plebes can order tickets next Monday for the screenings which start on Saturday, April 21st and run through the following week. Then the film hits the rest of New York and also Los Angeles on May 18th.