Joan Rivers rails against rude moviegoers

Article: Joan Rivers rails against rude moviegoers

The world’s funniest crabapple, Joan Rivers, goes to see movies now and again – no doubt to get ammunition for her monologues – and what she usually finds is discomfort, rudeness, and total annoyance. And not just on the screen.

In her new book, I Hate Everyone…Starting With Me, Rivers declares war on those who make cinema an experience in anxiety. Says she, “I hate people who go to the movies and act like they’re watching Netflix in their den.” Hallelujah!

When parents text

Article: When parents text

“Some people worry that technology is hindering human communication, creating more distance in relationships, but we think When Parents Text is evidence to the contrary,” write co-authors Lauren Kaelin and Sophia Fraioli about their new book.

Naked News: Why we sext

Article: Naked News: Why we sext

Why teens and adults are compelled to send X-rated texts. Is women’s intuition a myth or reality? Do men experience menopause, or rather, manopause? Passionate responses to Erica Jong’s recent co-sleeping-kills-sex comments. Gender-based femicide is still prominent in India. More scientific support for the idea that people are born this gay. MORE FROM EMandLO.com: When…

Photo series of people texting

Article: Photo series of people texting

Joe Holmes snapped this amusing photo series succinctly titled “Texters,” which focuses its lens on various residents of New York City texting. [Via]

A post-coital Tweet is the new cigarette

Article: A post-coital Tweet is the new cigarette

photo by giant_mice_kill_rabbits

A new study has found that 36% of people under the age of 35 Tweet, text, or check Facebook right after sex. For the over-35 group, that figure drops to only 8%. Are we totally giving away which side of the 35 dividing line we are located on when we say, Seriously, people? That’s really what you want to waste your post-coital warm fuzzy glow on?