Mind-blowing Tetris gameplay

Article: Mind-blowing Tetris gameplay

I used to think I was pretty good at Tetris, but this gameplay video of grandmaster Jin8 playing an arcade version of this classic game let me know that I’m just a mere mortal with a pea-brain sized capacity for this game.

Tetris everywhere

Article: Tetris everywhere

From the online photo collection “Tetris Tetris Everywhere” The official Flickr blog highlighted this cool photo gallery “Tetris Tetris Everywhere” curated by user L Plate big cheese of photographs of accidental instances of Tetris-like pieces and juxtapositions found in the real world. While I was a student at Brown University, a group of classmates in…

Mythology of video game creation

Article: Mythology of video game creation

Amusement Magazine’s “Made of Myth” re-imagines classic videos, created not as bits of data, but rather carved, molded and shaped by skilled artisanal hands, such as Alexei Pajitnov: Tetris When Alexei Pajitnov first ordered a load of bricks from Karpov Abramtsevo’s workshop, workers there were wondering who could be interested in all those right-angled blocks.…

Pac-Man live: Patrick Runte's Photography

Article: Pac-Man live: Patrick Runte's Photography

I don’t speak German so I cannot tell you much about the photographer Patrick Runte. But I did stumble upon his website via Meta Filter and I’m smitten. His live model photographs depicting old video games, like Pac-Man and Tetris, are remarkable and smart. I found a quote of his online discussing the images: The work is…