Green tech finds (10/8/09)

Article: Green tech finds (10/8/09)

Cars, fuels, and internet-based power management for your home: our green tech finds for the week…

Beyond carbon emissions: Clean Production Action and ChemSec have released a new report focused on “the advances that seven electronics companies have made when it comes to eliminating hazardous materials from their products.” (via ZDNet GreenTech Patures)
It’s an honor just to be nominated: The LA Auto Show has announced the finalists for its Green Car of the Year Award, which will be presented at the show in December.

Green tech finds (10/1/09)

Article: Green tech finds (10/1/09)

Where do climate change and Sudoku come together? At your weekly green tech finds, of course… What’s the best computer out there for a student in Cambodia? One that sips energy… and the Open Institute has installed 400 such computers for Cambodian students and teachers. Water heats and cools new classroom building: Michigan’s Saginaw Valley…

Green tech finds (9/24/09)

Article: Green tech finds (9/24/09)

Yep, it’s that time again… here are this week’s green tech finds.

Fighting the downturn with rooftop windfarms: Co-op and condo building owners are exploring wind and solar energy options as a way to cut building costs during the down economy.
Deep water floating wind turbines go online: Norwegian company Statoil has flipped the switch on the world’s first floating wind turbine. (via EcoGeek)

Coastal cities trying out paperless communication with residents

Article: Coastal cities trying out paperless communication with residents

When I first covered Zumbox, a paperless mail platform based on physical addresses, a few months ago, I was both intrigued and skeptical. I thought the concept was sound, even revolutionary; I wondered, though, how one start-up could attract enough users to its platform to keep it viable. It turns out that local governments are providing one method: yesterday, the company announced that San Francisco and Newark, NJ, are adopting Zumbox for communication with residents.

Google Street View artist

Article: Google Street View artist

Artist Bill Guffey has been traveling all over the world and painting scenes that capture his eye to share on his blog. By traveling I mean, he’s logging on to Google Maps Street View to virtually visit and paint the world! As one Metafilter commenter wrote: “So now Google needs to add “Impressionist View,” “Romanticists…

Green tech finds (9/17/09)

Article: Green tech finds (9/17/09)

Things that go “zoom”… plus online tomato swapping, bike power harnessing, and another good reason to upgrade to Snow Leopard. Green tech finds galore…

Online vegetable trading: Got more tomatoes from your garden then you could possibly eat? Really want some homegrown watermelon? Veggie Trader is a new site that allow you to “…trade, buy or sell local homegrown produce.” (via Planet Green)
EVs hit prime time: Prime time television, that is: Jay Leno plans to host a “Green Car Challenge” regularly on his new show that will feature “…celebrities who will take turns trying to best one another’s track times in a specially prepared Ford Focus-based battery car.” (via

Green tech finds (9/11/09)

Article: Green tech finds (9/11/09)

Tree-power and homemade submarines… all that and more in your green tech finds for the week.

Google… the solar company?: The company announced on Wednesday that it’s “working to develop its own new mirror technology that could reduce the cost of building solar thermal plants by a quarter or more.”
Wind power from the air conditioner: Renewable energy company EarthSure has announced its WindAir system, which is designed to “[transform] the exhausted air flow from central air conditioning units into a source of renewable, clean energy.”

Green tech finds (9/3/09)

Article: Green tech finds (9/3/09)

[caption id="attachment_24406" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="No need for road rage... just use the GPS..."][/caption]

Avoid road rage, build your own house, and blow up your solar panels… all in this week’s green tech finds.

Ethanol from waste gases: Australian company LanzaTech won the Green Technology Innovator of the Year award at the Asia Pacific Industrial Technologies Awards in Singapore for its technology that captures waste gases from steel mills for recycling into ethanol.
Build your own green house… Lego style: German company HIB has developed a kit building system that works an awful lot like Legos, and creates a well-insulated, soundproof, and non-toxic frame for almost any style of house. (via Springwise)

Little Horn, big sound

Article: Little Horn, big sound

Standing three feet tall, the Little Horn actually isn’t so little. Boasting a 3-D audio experience, the inverted design enables low frequencies to emerge at the top of the enclosure and the octagonal shape of the horn allows sound waves to expand freely, the way nature intended. Larger versions have graced stages at Carnegie Hall, Radio City…

Interactive LED wall art

Article: Interactive LED wall art

Combining tracking devices that interact with passing pedestrians with 35,000 LED bulbs, this installation in Montreal is dazzling! Built by Moment Factory, “a new media arts and entertainment studio,” this LED wall art can be seen every evening from 7 pm to 11 pm to La Vitrine Culturelle. La Vitrine – Montreal from steven bulhoes…

Green tech finds (8/27/09)

Article: Green tech finds (8/27/09)

Summer’s coming to an end, but ice cream and watermelon are still on the radar… as green tech finds.

Gardening online: Nope, it’s not a new Facebook app. Italian company Azienda Agricola Giacomo Ferraris has created a sort of CSA 2.0 — Italians can design a garden online, and the company plants the vegetables requested, and delivers the produce from the garden to the customer’s door. (via Springwise)
Online sustainability training: Looking to update your skill set for the green economy? Nevada’s Truckee Meadows Community College has a new online certificate program in green technology; the University of Wisconsin-Extension is offering a full online bachelor’s degree program in sustainable management.

Green tech finds (8/20/09)

Article: Green tech finds (8/20/09)

From recycled plastic plywood to giraffe poop in your tank, it’s a green tech-a-palooza… here are this week’s finds:

Don’t have an iPhone? Not to worry… 3rdWhale’s comprehensive green information app is now available for open-source mobile platform Android, and a Blackberry Storm version is on the way.
Don’t want an iPhone? Samsung’s new Reclaim boasts a casing made from 40% bioplastic, outer packaging made from 70% recycled materials, very few nasty chemicals, and a very efficient charger.

Green tech finds (8/13/09)

Article: Green tech finds (8/13/09)

Can the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid really deliver 230 mpg? Can you power your DVD player with your exercise bike? Answers to these questions and more in this week’s green tech finds…

  • Powering up with your bicycle: Exercise bikes aren’t just good for keeping fit; many people are figuring out innovative ways to harness that power and create electricity.

  • A showcase green home in Silicon Valley: Eco-entrepreneur Marc Porat has turned his 1936 English Tudor Revival home into a carbon-neutral showcase of green tech.

Green tech finds (8/6/09)

Article: Green tech finds (8/6/09)

Green tech galore… here are this week’s finds.

  • Smart car charging comes to San Diego: If you envision freeloading friends trying to charge their cars up at your place in the future, fear not: as a part of its testing of car-charging stations, San Diego will have participants use a Plug Smart “intelligent charger” that makes sure the drivers get the bill for the electricity.

  • Package delivery by UrbanMole: Both Fed-Ex and UPS (among others) are doing there best to green up their operations. Designer Phillip Hermes’ UrbanMole concept would take the trucks off of the street completely with a “capsule-like device … that travels through an underground pipe network that transports packages of all stripes.” (via Cleantechnica)

Reproduction, Us Weekly-style: Celebrity look-a-like sperm donors

Article: Reproduction, Us Weekly-style: Celebrity look-a-like sperm donors

Online dating neophytes will sometimes get lured into a blind date with someone whose profile boasts that they bear a striking resemblance to, say, Robert Pattinson. It takes only one — okay, maybe two or three — dating disappointments before the neophyte realizes that (a) some people have a very loose definition of “resemblance”; and (b) someone who truly believes that he resembles Robert Pattinson makes a terrible date. (Unless he does, actually, resemble Robert Pattinson, in which case you might be willing to give him a pass in the personality department for the night.) Seriously, though: Anyone who thinks they’re a celeb look-a-like is probably also still convinced they’re as special as their momma always told them they were.

Green tech finds (7/30/09)

Article: Green tech finds (7/30/09)

From Spain to Toledo, green tech stories are popping up everywhere. Here’s your round-up for the week.

  • Electric vehicles are winners on CO2 emissions: DVICE crunches the numbers, and finds that, even when electricity comes from coal-fired power plants, EVs produce less CO2 than gas-powered cars. (via AutoBlog Green)

  • Solar Mudhens: Rust-belt poster child Toledo, OH, is on its way to reinventing itself as a hub of solar manufacturing.

Most useless iPhone app ever claims to rate your sex life

Article: Most useless iPhone app ever claims to rate your sex life

Maybe we’re just jealous because we’re still trying to come up with an iPhone application that will make us millions while we sleep (why oh why did we not come up with iFart first?), but we think that the new Passion iPhone app that scores your boinks has about as much to do with good sex as a fart joke.

Green tech finds (7/23/09)

Article: Green tech finds (7/23/09)

Beer and gas? Sound like a National Lampoon movie… but it’s your green tech finds for the week.

Fart-powered fuel cells? Sort of… Danbury, Connecticut-based FuelCell Energy recently installed two fuel cell power plants at food processor Gills Onions that “…create electricity using old onions and a process that mimics how the human body expels gas”
Solar-powered parking: Austin, Texas is replacing traditional parking meters with “pay stations [that] are solar-powered, take credit cards, debit cards and coins, and will replace the 3,800 outdated single-space parking meters around the city.”

Green tech finds (7/17/09)

Article: Green tech finds (7/17/09)

It’s that time again… your weekly green tech finds.

  • The Google of hybrid tech? Toyota’s talking to Mazda about a partnership to share the larger company’s hybrid technology.

  • Want to support your favorite environmental non-profit? Start using social media

MIT's Sixth Sense, a wearable interface straight out of MINORITY REPORT

Article: MIT's Sixth Sense, a wearable interface straight out of MINORITY REPORT

On his excellent blog, the user-experience expert Nick Finck shares a TED video demonstration of Sixth Sense, a wearable gestural interface that grabs data from the Internet and allows you to interact with it in countless real-world ways. You can draw a watch onto your arm to check the time; pull up Amazon ratings for…

Green tech finds (7/10/09)

Article: Green tech finds (7/10/09)

Techies rejoice! Here’s your weekly run-down of some of the cooler green tech stories out there…

Free energy? There’s a ton of it out there — 7 quadrillion BTUs — in the form of wasted heat. The Department of Energy has announced funding opportunities for R&D on how to tap this massive source of energy. (via Cleantechnica)
NYC — the wind energy capital? It seems counterintuitive, but the Carnegie Institution and California State University have found that high-altitude winds, which are concentrated over the Big Apple (among other places), “contain enough energy to meet world demand 100 times over.” (via Green Living Ideas)

Green tech finds (7/6/09)

Article: Green tech finds (7/6/09)

If fireworks and gas grills didn’t feed your techie jones last weekend, here are some of the latest stories in the green tech world.

Drive time: Danielle Brigada, social media guru at the National Wildlife Federation, just loves the ’10 Ford Fusion hybrid.
Wearable lighting?: That’s one potential use envisioned by art students for GE’s planned “flexible, paper-thin lighting panels” featuring organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). (via

Anti-domestic violence ad changes when you look at it

Article: Anti-domestic violence ad changes when you look at it

“It happens when nobody is looking” is the tag line for this award-winning Amnesty International PSA about domestic violence. Installed in a bus stop in Germany, it features an eye-tracking device so that when people look at it, the image morphs from a scene of domestic violence into a scene of domestic bliss. (The image…

New meme alert!

Article: New meme alert!

Along with playing a useful role in sociopolitical upheavals, Twitter also seems to be fertile grounds for the development of memes, such as this latest one involving Michigan Representative Pete Hoekstra after he tweeted the following specious comment: “Iranian twitter activity similar to what we did in House last year when Republicans were shut down in the House.” It’s similar, except not at all. Having tossed this giant softball in the cyber air, Twitterers started taking the proverbial swing at him. Talking Points Memo collected some of the home runs…

Green tech finds (6/25/09)

Article: Green tech finds (6/25/09)

Elephant poop, chicken feathers, and iPhone apps… that’s the stuff of good green tech stories!

Smart water: You’ve heard all about smart electrical grids… now Rotterdam, in partnership with IBM, is working on a smart water management system. (via Fast Company)
Transformers 3 — The Solar Edition? No greenlights on the movie yet, but these cool 6-toys-in-1 solar-powered robots can introduce your kids to the wonders of solar power (via The Fun Times Guide to Living Green and Inhabitots).