Getting blasted with a 'Pain Ray' vs getting tasered

Article: Getting blasted with a 'Pain Ray' vs getting tasered

Are you looking for a little excitement in your life? Why not try being blasted by a “pain ray” or, as the military calls it, an Active Denial System. It’s just one of the many “less lethal” weapons your tax dollars have been funding. How does it work? Well, it sort of zaps you like a microwave. But, don’t worry. We’re not microwaving any Afghan civilians’ insides. We’re just trying to gently burn their outsides. You see, the ray only penetrates about 1/64th on an inch (that’s “just the tip” as far as weapons go). So, it’s perfect for dispersing a bunch of folks who are angry over Koran burnings and approaching the gates of your forward operating base. Danger Room’s Spencer Ackerman volunteered to get blasted by the thing, which reminded us of some of our other favorite videos of journalists getting hurt for the sake of a story…or entertainment: