Talking Heads

Album covers and architecture

Article: Album covers and architecture

Inspired by a TED talk by Talking Heads singer and RISD alumnus David Byrne on the role and relationship between architecture and music, Architizer has an interesting short read on album covers that highlight this connection. It includes one of my favorite albums, Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot cover art which features Bertrand Goldberg’s “corn cob”…

David Byrne's perfect city

Article: David Byrne's perfect city

It’s odd to me that I am linking to two Wall Street Journal stories in as many days but I just ran across this funny little video they did accompanying David Byrne, he of Talking Heads fame, to Brookyn via bikes. Byrne was a judge in a citywide competition to design new bike racks for New York City. He was so into the project that he designed his own. Included are giant shoes, dollar signs (for the Wall Street area natch) and dogs. The video is cute.