Build your own LEGO skull

Article: Build your own LEGO skull

This is just so cool: Clay Morrow created this LEGO skull. You can build your own by downloading the instructions provided here (pdf). Speaking of LEGO projects, check out this hack of an IKEA table decorated with LEGO bricks to give it a pixelated decorative design.

The walking table

Article: The walking table

Dutch designer Wouter Scheublin created this kinetic walnut table, “Walking Table” that responds with an uncanny shuffling walk when pushed and thus “perplexing our perception of the ordinarily static piece of furniture.” The designer also built an accompanying walking bookcase. As someone who moves apartments as frequently as I have, I’m hoping walking furniture is…

Lois, a cool looking table

Article: Lois, a cool looking table

Charles Waugh of Boring (!), Oregon makes this cool flexible table named “Lois.” The cedar table top gives it a rustic warmth, while the metal legs, with parts scavenged from steel yards and dumpsters, adds a certain steampunk vibe. Get it here.

Expanding table

Article: Expanding table

British furniture designer David Fletcher shows off his radially expanding table in this YouTube video. Spin it one way to expand it, and the other direction to contract the table. I wonder if the David listened to this song while he was constructing it…

LEGO conference table

Article: LEGO conference table

Dublin-based creative ad agency Boys and Girls put together this sweet conference table using LEGO bricks (22,742 total). View more photos here and check out a time lapse Making-of video after the jump.