Go Shopping For a Healthy Planet

Article: Go Shopping For a Healthy Planet

Check out this new video spot from GlobalGiving Green, one of the wonderful Eco-mmunity Action Partners who makes it easy for people to support non-profit charities. We hope you enjoy this playful video. If this video helped inspire you to make a difference, then make sure to check out the GlobalGiving Green Map Marker Group…

Majora Carter's ECO HEROES: Jonathan Demme

Article: Majora Carter's ECO HEROES: Jonathan Demme

Jonathan Demme believes that “film and literature can change a mind.” If a film causes a human mind to consider questions that it has not encountered before, therein lies a great possibility to influence that one person. The idea is that awareness allows people to make better decisions in their life. Jonathan warns people from…

THE GREEN Meeting #10 Recap

Article: THE GREEN Meeting #10 Recap

Simran Sethi led a lively discussion about water and plastic in the second life event held on June 20th at Sundance Channel Island. Some of the problems with freshwater supplies and how water can be contaminated were discussed. Also the use of plastic and its carcinogenic effect were covered. This is a very pertinent issue…

THE GREEN Meeting #8 Recap

Article: THE GREEN Meeting #8 Recap

Simran Green Meeting The Green Meeting was full of curiosity and Simran’s poignant answers. The usual, and happily welcomed, group of environmentally inclined Second Life avatars were in attendance. We hope everyone had a great time and look forward to the next chance to regale your heart with environmental goodness and to put a smile…

Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: FURNISH #2

Article: Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: FURNISH #2

ECOIST: Laura Dern The difference between being well-meaning and actually making a positive change in the world can often be found in the scope of a person’s mission. In the case of Laura Dern, she has championed children’s health. Being very impressionable and learning quickly makes a child the ideal student of the environmentally friendly…

Badly Drawn Boy @ SXSW

Article: Badly Drawn Boy @ SXSW

We got a chance to talk to Badly Drawn Boy about his new album “Born In The UK.” Badly Drawn Boy sings his heart out in this acoustic performance of “Born In The UK.”

Robyn Hitchcock @ SXSW

Article: Robyn Hitchcock @ SXSW

Robyn Hitchcock gives us a look at the man behind the mask in an exclusive interview. Catch more exclusive videos and Comedian Eugene Mirman interview with Hitchcock in our Spotlight [www.sundance.tv] section.

Catch the GREEN Countdown Video

Article: Catch the GREEN Countdown Video

Sundance Channel celebrated the launch of THE GREEN, our weekly night of programming dedicated to the environment, with a star-studded party. The evening featured performances from Macy Gray and Lifehouse, along with a slew of celebrity interviews. We put the best snapshots from the evening into the video below. We hope you enjoy. Now that…

Money Mark @ SXSW

Article: Money Mark @ SXSW

Check out our exclusive interview and live performance with Money Mark from SXSW. Money Mark talks about “the 4th Beastie” and his new record “Brand New by Tomorrow.”