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Ebay Starts a Green Dedicated Vendor Subsite

Article: Ebay Starts a Green Dedicated Vendor Subsite

Ebay pioneered the huge marketplace of used goods. This in itself is a major environmental achievement because it gives products a second, third or fourth life. This principle of reuse makes a huge difference for consumers who can get a product cheaper than a retail location might offer it and also provides a direct environmental…

Designer Spotlight: Staach Furniture

Article: Designer Spotlight: Staach Furniture

Though TreeHugger loves the uber-chic, ultra-sleek, clean lines of traditional modern design, sometimes it’s nice to showcase simple, thoughtful, functional design that looks good and serves its purpose. It may not be flashy, but it prefers its simplicity, and revels in it. Such is the case with STAACH Furniture, a design collective seeking to make…

Designer Spotlight: Environment Furniture

Article: Designer Spotlight: Environment Furniture

Environment Furniture [] was built around an idea that’s as revolutionary as it is basic: the fundamentals of design come from nature. The name of the company itself follows this same trend — what you see is what you get — by combining truly responsible materials with a simply beautiful look. They create aesthetically sophisticated…