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This old ecohouse

Article: This old ecohouse

After a painstaking deconstruction process the Australian firm Riddel Architecture successfully built a new riverfront home in Brisbane with 95% of the materials from the previous house. The Hill End Ecohouse, as it’s called, is fully self sufficient in both water and power and has a monitoring system to measure the use of energy, gas and water as well as temperature and humidity. The north-facing roof has 3kW photovoltaic panels which generate more than enough energy for daily household requirements.

Green Job Details

Article: Green Job Details

There has been ample discussion about the need for Green Jobs in the Obama Administration’s stated plans for the U.S. economy. What exactly is a green job? If you boiled down the basic definition of Green Jobs, you would find the following maxim; a green job is any job where the environmental impact involved in…