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Taiwanese Susan Boyle

Article: Taiwanese Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle’s amazing voice took the Internet and TV viewers by storm in 2009 proving once again the adage that you can’t judge a book by its cover. In the same vein, Lin Yu Chun, an unassuming contestant on a Taiwanese version of American Idol called Super Star Avenue might be the unlikely Boyle of…

Most popular YouTube videos in 2009

Article: Most popular YouTube videos in 2009

On their official blog YouTube ranked the most viewed videos and most searched words on YouTube in 2009. The segment of Susan Boyle’s beautiful voice featured on Britain’s Got Talent (120+ million views) was number one this year, but the next most watched video, “David After Dentist” on YouTube was actually this year’s most “viral” amateur video with over 37 million views. If you’ve been living in a cave this year and haven’t seen it, then here it is:

50 Cent featuring Susan Boyle, not Lil' Kim

Article: 50 Cent featuring Susan Boyle, not Lil' Kim

Hip-hop stars rush at the chance to collaborate. You pick up a rap album and it seems almost always to be a duet disc with guest vocalists appearing on multiple tracks. Pop stars caught on to this craze too. Trying to gain street cred and a younger audience, performers as diverse as Madonna, Beyonce, and Maroon 5 have enlisted the guest hip-hop performer to appear on their discs. Hell, I even think Wyclef Jean and Kanye West have been on more records for others than on their own songs.

Longing for magnificent hideousness

Article: Longing for magnificent hideousness

In a world of manufactured pop stars and even politicians getting better looking it is hard to believe that sometime not too long ago there were actors, singers, and celebrities, who, how should I say this, were a bit on the ugly side. Simon Doonan is someone who knows both beauty and ugly. As the creative director of Barneys he is day in and day out surrounded by beauty: models, fashion folks, fabulous people. Yet his personal style is quirky and at times, dare I say, ugly. His decorating tastes, prints, color, garish items, could also be described by the U.

Susan Boyle, the 2009 feel good story

Article: Susan Boyle, the 2009 feel good story

I’m sure you’ve heard of her by now (a big thanks to everyone I’ve ever known for forwarding me the clip of her now-famous performance because you know, I’ve never heard of the Internet before), but 47-year-old Susan Boyle’s surprisingly breathtaking and inspiring effort on Britain’s Got Talent reduced even the most jaded cynic into…