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The Internet's Super Bowl preview

Article: The Internet's Super Bowl preview

The country can be divided this week into those who care about the Super Bowl and those that don’t. I unfortunately fall into the former category in a big way as my favorite team somehow did its part to find itself one of two teams standing at the end of the season. Unfortunate because I’m so freaking nervous for this game, especially since I’m in unfriendly territory as a Patriots fan (Go Pats!) in NYC . Thankfully the Internet, as it always does, has been providing some levity leading into this weekend to help calm my nerves.

Tom Brady (or as some readers might know him better as: Gisele BĂĽndchen’s husband) has a doppelgänger. No word yet on whether the doppelgänger has also has a Gisele lookalike wife.

Matthew Broderick explains a bit about his Ferris Bueller teaser that only just ended up being a Super Bowl ad and in the process broke our hearts about a possible sequel. Then again maybe a sequel isn’t a good thing after all after seeing how the actual ad depicts a free-spirited Ferris growing up to just be yet another office worker serving the The Man. Yikes, depressing stuff.

Green tech finds: from solar power to the Super Bowl

Article: Green tech finds: from solar power to the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up, and while I don’t pay enough attention to say whether it’ll be a good game, it will definitely be a green(er) game. That, plus cooler roofs for more efficient solar power, and a very quick look at over a century of global warming: your green tech finds for the week.

Buy renewable energy for your Volt: While the arguments about the energy sources for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are generally really overblown and oversimplified, many EV drivers do want the cleanest power they can get for their vehicles. So, GM is developing a system for its OnStar platform that would notify Volt drivers when there’s renewable energy available on the grid so they could plug in at the right time. (via Earth 911)

What does global warming look like? If you’re thinking big picture in response to that question, the folks at NASA have released a video that shows 131 years of global temperature fluctuations in 26 seconds. (via Climate Central and @NRDC)

Boy behind the Darth Vader mask

Article: Boy behind the Darth Vader mask

The cute Volkswagen “mini-Vader” commercial which aired during this year’s Super Bowl gained a lot of buzz leading up to, during, and after the game. The nation did a collective “awww” when Max Page, 6, the child actor behind the Vader mask was revealed. The Internet was also quick to point out Max’s mini-resemblance to…

The Super Bowl Ad Superlatives (in the love & sex category)

Article: The Super Bowl Ad Superlatives (in the love & sex category)

BEST OVERALL: Dove Men+Care’s “The Journey to Comfort”
At last, a commercial that celebrates manhood without being sexist, stupid or beer-related! It’s basically a mini-movie crammed into 45-seconds (seriously, try counting the number of scenes they had to shoot) that follows one Everyman’s life from birth to adulthood by highlighting the big moments as well as the mundane ones: puberty, love, marriage, jar-opening, parenthood. The message is “You’re mature and comfortable enough in your own skin that you don’t have to worry about seeming like a pussy if you want to moisturize your skin.” And it avoids all the divisive or offensive gender stereotypes often found in Super Bowl ads. BUT — and it’s a big “but” — the title of “best ad” only applies to the 45-second version that aired during the Super Bowl last night. If you search online for it (and on the Dove site), the version that will probably come up first is the ONE minute version, which sadly DOES include a bunch of tired gender stereotypes, like fighting at parties, never showing your sensitive side and never showing fear — ugh! Like with good film making, good commercial making is all about editing, editing, editing.

45-Second Version (Yay!):

One-Minute Version (Boo!):

See the winners for “Most Romantic,” “Most Sexist” and “Funniest” after the jump:

Pro-choice responses to the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad

Article: Pro-choice responses to the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad

To kick off your Superbowl weekend, check out these 3 bits that you won’t (but should!) see during the game this Sunday — all are in response to the anti-choice, anti-equality, anti-gay Christian group Focus on the Family’s 2.5-million-dollar spot (that we mentioned the other day) featuring football star Tim Tebow and his mom talking about how she refused to have an abortion after doctors advised her to. Hey, good for Mrs. Tebow, who had the right to make her own decisions about her reproductive health! Guess we can now hold our breath until CBS runs an equally “appropriate” ad about preserving that right to choose:

Two more after the break.

City museums make Super Bowl bet

Article: City museums make Super Bowl bet

1644 painting “Ideal View of Tivoli” by Claude Lorrain

It’s a long standing tradition that the mayors of the two teams fighting it out in a sports championship, such as the World Series or Super Bowl, will wager on the outcome and bet their city’s local offerings, typically food. In this year’s Super Bowl, the respective museums of the two cities, the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Indianapolis Museum of Art are beating their proverbial (artsy) chests and betting a major art piece from their collection. There’s been a lot of trash talk between the two museum directors as words such as “insignificant” and “gaudy tchotchke” to describe some of the paitings has been tossed and tweeted back and forth.