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Saul Williams

Article: Saul Williams

Saul Williams [] is a hybrid. A poet. A rapstar. A rockstar. Maybe the best way to describe Williams is renaissance man, or you could simply say hes an artist. Williams started out as an open-mic poet, so it goes without saying that he comes from a distinctly different background from a typical MC, and…

New American Realism?

Article: New American Realism?

While many acquisition execs, journalists, and film goers were often confused by what to make of the tangled mess of films at this year’s Sundance Festival, New York Times critic Manohla Dargis seems to have already named this year as a movement. In “New American Realism Emerges Amid Grousing and Hummers [],” Dargis identifies a certain perspective that permeates the better films this year:

Drink Too Much, No Gifts, Kill Yourself

Article: Drink Too Much, No Gifts, Kill Yourself

Each year, the film world looks to the Sundance Film Festival selection to reveal the tone of American film for the next year. Why were there so many dark comedies this year? And why so many films with the word American in it? But it is not only the films that are scrutinized – so are the filmgoers. Two reports look to the behaviors of the Sundance film viewer.

Buy My Shorts!

Article: Buy My Shorts!

This year, the citizens of cyberspace will have it one up on those of us actually attending the Festival. Not only will they be able to stream (for free) the same shorts we pay money to see, but they will able to buy short films if the spirit moves them. Starting on January 22, you can click on iTunes, plunk down $1.99, and download a short to play on your computer or ipod. For the more frugal, go to Sundance Festival [] site, and then click on “Watch” page.