The enduring style of THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS

Article: The enduring style of THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS

“I get criticized for style over substance and for details that get in the way of the characters, but every decision I make is how to bring those characters forward.” Wes Anderson said this in 2007 after the less than glowing reviews THE DARJEELING LIMITED received, but just six years earlier when THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS was released, style trumping substance wasn’t something he had to worry about. In fact, the hyper-stylized aspects of the film helped give it substance. Wardrobe wasn’t just a quirky touch, it was an extension of the characters themselves. But Anderson’s attention to detail went well beyond clothing. Every choice, including the music, set design and the overall color palette has had a profound and long-lasting effect. Fans and designers alike have been inspired by or flat out mimicked the Tenenbaum house with its brightly painted walls and artful arrangements of pictures, taxidermy and framed ephemera, but its the clothing that has had the most pervasive influence on a broader cultural level.

Bikes as accessories: Freewheelers

Article: Bikes as accessories: Freewheelers

We greenies tend to view the bicycle in purely practical terms: as a low-carbon, healthy form of transportation. Nothing wrong with that… but also no reason we can’t promote biking as sexy. That’s the idea behind Babelgum’s Freewheelers, “a series of documentary portraits about hot-looking bikes and the people who ride them…”



For those of you who don’t know, we kicked off a new style destination called FULL FRONTAL FASHION. It’s full of blog posts, videos and photos from the the world of contemporary fashion. Think of this as your FULL FRONTAL FASHION cliff notes. Rodarte went Tribal during their New York Fashion Week show. Patrick McMullan…


Article: FULL FRONTAL FASHION blog launch!

Announcing the launch of FULL FRONTAL FASHION, an all new style destination offering insider access to the highly creative world of contemporary fashion. Meet the designers, influencers, artists and trends at the forefront of international style and glamor. FULL FRONTAL FASHION will unveil the craft, creativity and passion of the most authentic artists working in,…

Fashion shows: the uninvited

Article: Fashion shows: the uninvited

Anyone who is a fashion lover, and really, what good gay isn’t, has been watching religiously the last month as major fashion weeks have come and gone. The New York Times’ amazing blog The Moment recently spotlighted the men’s fashion week shows in Milan and Paris. But don’t expect to see the clothes.  Those…

The "T" is for totalitarian

Article: The "T" is for totalitarian

Webnewser’s Hunter Walker made an interesting find: North Korea’s repressive regime is apparently selling T-shirts and other kitschy propaganda through Cafepress, the online custom gift store. Promoted on the official website of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the store features stylish offerings like this one: More at Webnewser. [via Gawker.]

These business cards are cooler than yours

Article: These business cards are cooler than yours

Did you know that there’s an entire blog devoted to business-card design? Of course there is. What isn’t there a blog for? But Card Observer is particularly great: It’s a repository for tiny graphic-design masterpieces in a wide range of styles and materials. Business cards have little room for extraneous information, so they’re a perfect…