The best sex and love news of 2010

Article: The best sex and love news of 2010

Yesterday we told you about the sex and love news from 2010 that most pissed us off and/or depressed us — dubious studies, dubious reporting, and rampant STDs, et al. Today we hope to put a smile back on your face with some of the love and sex news that most inspired us. You’re welcome.

A kink study finds that the majority of men are open to fetishes once you get them behind closed doors. Just don’t expect them to dish about it over Monday Night Football.
College gals finally close the marriage gap — new research shows that white women with college degrees are just as likely to marry as those who didn’t graduate from college.
Okay, so yesterday we told you that the web is “luring” more women into porn addiction — but there’s a silver lining. We finally have proof that women are visual creatures too!

The worst sex and love news of 2010

Article: The worst sex and love news of 2010

Every week, all year long, we tell you all about what’s going on in the world of sex and love. Well, not quite all — you might notice that we steer clear of stories about sex crimes (because that’s not the kind of sex this site is about) and stories about teachers sleeping with their students (because we’re not Fox). But everything else, you’ll find here. Not everything we report on pleases us — in fact, some of it straight-up pisses us off. Here are the headlines and studies that depressed us most in the past year. Tune in tomorrow for the news that put a smile back on our faces.

Economically dependent men are more likely to cheat on their female partners. We remain unconvinced that this is actual proven fact rather than just dubious study, but either way: boo!
That “six-feet-tall” hottie you’re corresponding with online? Yeah, he’s totally lying.

Researchers argue over whether cougar dating exists

Article: Researchers argue over whether cougar dating exists

When we read that a researcher at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff had released a study claiming that the cougar dating trend is a myth and a media construct, we were ready to buy his argument. After all, we’ve witnessed first-hand — and have occasionally, shame on us, been responsible for — how a so-called trend can get blown out of all proportion for the sake of a sexy headline. So we tend to be more than ready to believe that a much-hyped, now-sitcom-ed trend is actually just hype.

A post-coital Tweet is the new cigarette

Article: A post-coital Tweet is the new cigarette

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A new study has found that 36% of people under the age of 35 Tweet, text, or check Facebook right after sex. For the over-35 group, that figure drops to only 8%. Are we totally giving away which side of the 35 dividing line we are located on when we say, Seriously, people? That’s really what you want to waste your post-coital warm fuzzy glow on?

Naked News

Article: Naked News

If only most adults were as smart about sex ed as this 14 year old from Gloucester, Mass (home of the rumored 17 Pregnant Girls “Pact” last year). We’re guessing Bush and Cheney won’t take credit for the recent loosening of sexual mores in the Middle East. After talk of a ban, bikini waxing is…