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Vinyl fish street art

Article: Vinyl fish street art

If you have tons of old useless vinyl records lying around and aren’t sure what to do with them, then look at this find by Wooster Collective for inspiration. It’s a fish whose body is made of vinyl albums.

Escalator animation

Article: Escalator animation

Artist Mister Kama utilizes an escalator to create this f’awesome animation! While we’re on the topic of escalators, I’d like to quickly share this throwaway YouTube clip of a girl putting her own “spin” on an escalator.

Color in motion

Article: Color in motion

This three part video series by Quintessenz Creation, apparently a German art collective, depicting different colored paint crawl, streak, and spread like veins across a room is quite spectacular. Their latest (see third video below) is especially fantastic.

See more color in motion…

Street Rothko

Article: Street Rothko

Life imitates art: Street graffiti and tags and subsequent efforts to paint over them inadvertantly results in an effect that mimics or resonates with Mark Rothko’s iconic “multiform” aesthetic. View the entire photo set here.

Parisian graffiti taxonomy

Article: Parisian graffiti taxonomy

In “Graffiti Taxonomy,” Evan Roth ambitiously photographed and documented over 2,400 graffiti tags from each of Paris’s 20 districts, then archived and categorized them by letter. The artist tackled a smaller scale version as a Parsons graduate student in New York City where he “created character studies of the letter ‘S’ from the Lower East Side and the letter ‘A’ from Harlem, followed by an NYC-based letter ‘E’ study in 2008.”

Stop motion BB King

Article: Stop motion BB King

Female street artist Yseult aka “YZ,” pronounced as “Eyes,” created this meditative stop motion video “Still Alive” of blues icon BB King animated from almost 70 street posters. For more information on this artist check out this interview.

No Comply 2009: Sydney's skateboard exhibition

Article: No Comply 2009: Sydney's skateboard exhibition

No Comply, an exhibition of skateboard art from a wide diverse group of artists from around the world was held in Sydney recently. I was particularly struck by Melbourne street artist, RONE’s toothpicked submission:

Behind the Scenes with Shepard Fairey

Article: Behind the Scenes with Shepard Fairey

A neat sneak peek into the behind the scenes of renowned and controversial street artist Shephard Fairey at his studio. If you’ve just woken up from a Rip Van Winkle nap and have no idea who he is, Fairey’s fame is bookend by his OBEY stickers early in his counter-mainstream days and most recently, his…

Banksy's new exhibit

Article: Banksy's new exhibit

I announced here a couple days ago about the opening of anonymously renowned street artist Banksy’s latest show, which also happens to be his largest exhibition yet, “Banksy Versus Bristol Museum” at the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery in Bristol, England.

Banksy announces summer show

Article: Banksy announces summer show

With this tasteful image on his website, street art superstar Banksy announced that his summer show will open June 13 with details to follow! [Via]

Blu in Barcelona

Article: Blu in Barcelona

Earlier this year, street artist Blu, whose must watch short film starring an animated creature painstakingly painted on public walls virally caught fire last year on the Internet, created this shark mural earlier this year in Barcelona for the 2009 Influencers festival.

This graffiti is on fire

Article: This graffiti is on fire

New York artist Ellis Gallagher’s latest graffiti technique is sure to please any pyromaniac. He is showing currently, along with other blog-worthy street artists including Poster Boy at the “Hollowood” show in West Hollywood’s Carmichael Gallery until the end of April. LAers, go check it out. It’s a bit dated, but I still really like…

The pink bunker

Article: The pink bunker

A Barcelona-based group of subversive art-activists, Difusor took it upon themselves to give a decaying bunker from the Spanish Civil War era a face lift with pink camouflage. Rumor has it that Hello Kitty may be moving its operations there. View more photos of the bunker here. [Via]

Artist Karl Grandin

Article: Artist Karl Grandin

Let’s all raise a fist for Karl Grandin’s deliciously subversive art.