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Chalkboard street art

Article: Chalkboard street art

Brooklyn real estate-centric blog Brownstoner posted this chalkboard cleverly placed at a construction site on Bond and Degraw. I predict that a genius construction worker will anonymously write the solution to a previously never solved math problem on this chalkboard. How do you like them apples?

Short film: street art seeks romance

Article: Short film: street art seeks romance

Gabriel Psaltakis created and directed this sweet and funny short Greek film titled THE GIRL ON THE WALL. Mixing live action with stop-motion animation, a bored office man helps a love-struck street art character woo a disinterested girl across the street.

Graffiti art to be displayed in White House?

Article: Graffiti art to be displayed in White House?

There may be street art hanging up inside the White House thanks to the British Prime Minister David Cameron’s gift to President Obama. In his first official visit to the White House, the Prime Minister presented a painting “Twenty First Century City” by Ben Eine, a familiar presence in the London street art and graffiti…

Q&A With Artist Robbie Conal

Article: Q&A With Artist Robbie Conal

Robbie Conal was born in New York City in 1944. He studied art at San Francisco State University and obtained his MFA at Stanford University before moving to Los Angeles in 1984. It was during this time in the 1980s that he combined his art with his social concerns: politics, power and the abuses of both.

Realizing the limited opportunities for art institutions to showcase his work, he transferred his paintings to posters and showcased them on the streets of Los Angeles with the help of his volunteer “guerrilla army.”

His books include “Art Attack: The Midnight Politics of A Guerrilla Artist” and “Artburn.”

Sundance Channel caught up with Robbie at his studio in California to discuss his background, influences, work, and future projects.

Take a walk in San Diego on a Space Invader tour

Article: Take a walk in San Diego on a Space Invader tour

San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art’s new group exhibit “Viva la Revolucion: A Dialogue With The Urban Landscape” features 20 artists from 8 countries recognized for their street art and “work [that] addresses urban issues.” As part of this show, Space Invader is debuting his film “The Space Invader Walk” (view trailer) which takes advantage…

Shadow art

Article: Shadow art

Artist Joe Penrod has cornered the market of painting shadows of objects using the common blue painter’s tape. The effect is pleasing. Penrod’s work also reminds me of this older New York Times article about a Brooklyn artist, Ellis Gallagher, who back in 2005 outlined chalk shadows of “fire hydrants, street signs and bicycles all…

KAWS' first solo museum exhibit

Article: KAWS' first solo museum exhibit

KAWS, Chum (Red), 2009 Brian Donnelly, better known as KAWS (previously), a Brooklyn street artist gone successfully commercial (without losing that rep) announced on his personal blog that he is having his first solo museum showing at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut starting June 27 through January 2, 2011. The project will offer…

Sandrine Estrade Boulet's street art

Article: Sandrine Estrade Boulet's street art

Sandrine Estrade Boulet creates witty visual puns using the urban environment around her. They remind me of the quick and fun doodling exercises I used to do with friends when I was younger where someone would draw a shape or object and each of us would take turns adding onto it to transform it into…

Street advice

Article: Street advice

Designer and artist Candy Chang took to the streets of New York City with psych 101 questions stenciled on the pavement. She explains: Pedestrians in the city often find themselves walking in deep thought. A routine trip can prompt reflections on everything from future goals to last night’s dinner conversation. As people sacrifice personal time…

Paper airplane art installation

Article: Paper airplane art installation

I really like this paper airplane street art-slash-public installation titled “Avionazo en la Plazuela (Plane Crash in the Square)” by Said Dokins. It’s located in Mexico City’s Plaza del Aguilita, which is next to a squatter camp. Dokins explains: The gardener of the Eagle`s Plaza are one dimensional plane made of metal and fiberglass. This…

Stop-motion street art

Article: Stop-motion street art

Broken Fingaz -Graffiti Stop Motion from Broken Fingaz on Vimeo. Israeli artists Tant and Unga of the “broken fingaz crew” created this stop-motion animated bit of street art set to some aggressive beats. This video is somewhat reminiscent of Blu’s videos (previously). Also, speaking of street art, if you haven’t seen EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT…

Subway etiquette public service announcements

Article: Subway etiquette public service announcements

New York City artist Jason Shelowitz hit a collective nerve with his spoof of MTA subway notice signs and using them as a PSA to address the annoying and impolite habits of some of his fellow straphangers. He printed 40 copies of 10 different PSAs. If you spot one, the artist encourages you to take…

Shepard Fairey's new mural in downtown NYC

Article: Shepard Fairey's new mural in downtown NYC

Earlier this week on Tuesday night, Shepard Fairey painted a mural in front of a large crowd in downtown Manhattan, on the corner of Houston and Bowery to be exact. You can see the final result in the photo above. I learned about this that night via the MoMA’s twitter which re-tweeted @hrag’s on-the-scene twitpics…

New Banksy in LA

Article: New Banksy in LA

Coincidentally timed with the near-upcoming launch of the highly anticipated (at least by me!) film by Banksy, EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP (view trailer), a couple of new pieces by Banksy have been popping up in street corners of Los Angeles, which is predictably sending the Internet and blogosphere abuzz.

TrustoCorp Products

Article: TrustoCorp Products

Previously mentioned culture jammers TrustoCorp hit New York City with these repackaged products which they placed in New York City stores ranging from delis and supermarkets to K-Mart, although I’m not sure if they misspelled bulimia on purpose. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to spell-check when making a social statement. View more here.

Street art of the times

Article: Street art of the times

This street art spotted in Toronto offers some cheeky advice with a sense of humor for these difficult economic times, although I’m not sure if laughter is the best medicine for people whose savings are running on fumes and rent is due. At least in Canada the unemployed don’t have to worry about health insurance.

Altered NYC street signs

Article: Altered NYC street signs

A mysterious (well, aren’t they all?) street artist named TrustoCorp recently culture jammed the street signs of Manhattan and Brooklyn with some awesomely hilarious and topical replacement signs. [Via]

New Banksy

Article: New Banksy

Flickr user RomanyWG snapped photos of new street art by Banksy “taken along the Regents Canal in Camden Town.” And in related breaking news, art blogger C-Monster found this awesome mash up of Banksy with the Dramatic Chipmunk, a popular Internet meme. [Via]

Skateboard pool art

Article: Skateboard pool art

Never Crew, an art collective put their artistic stamp on this pool at Lugano Skatepark located in Lugano, Switzerland. View more behind the scenes photos and video here. [Via]

Cardboard animation

Article: Cardboard animation

Cardboard creatures roams a foreboding urban landscape in this awesome stop-motion video created by Sjors Vervoort for a student graduation animation project. Well done, kid. The style does remind me of the past work of famous street artist Blu who I previously mentioned. [Via]

Urban camouflage

Article: Urban camouflage

LA artist Joshua Callaghan’s comissioned public art project is the inverse of typical street art and graffiti. Rather than painting images that disrupts public spaces, Callaghan takes on unsightly utility boxes littering Los Angeles neighborhoods by covering them with vinyl digital images that resemble their surroundings. The paradoxical result is that these boxes attract more…

Green graffiti

Article: Green graffiti

As someone who loves and appreciates street art I have to say it is rare these days when graffiti moves me. Maybe it is just living in a city like New York. We’re inundated daily with it on building sides and subway platforms. It’s become part of the city’s landscape. With that said I could…

Guerilla video artist plans exhibit at Best Buy

Article: Guerilla video artist plans exhibit at Best Buy

Untitled Video Painting 02 from borna on Vimeo. If you are in New York City on October 8, stop by the Best Buy in Soho to witness Borna Sammak’s takeover of the electronic store’s display televisions to showcase his video installation. Barring the heavy hand of The Man or in this case, yellow shirted store…

Interview with Invader

Article: Interview with Invader

Parisian street artist Invader’s instantly recognizable colorful mosaics have invaded urban landscapes in over 40 cities from around the world from Bangkok to Kenya to Tokyo. Using the classic 1978 Atari video game Space Invaders as an early point of reference, Invader starting in 1996 began installing pixelized mosaics of Space Invaders as well as…

Sniff: Interactive digital dog

Article: Sniff: Interactive digital dog

Created by Karolina Sobecka and software design by Jim George, SNIFF is a light projection of a 3D dog that also happens to dynamically interact with the viewer. As you walk down the street you are approached by a dog. He is on his guard trying to discern your intentions. He will follow you and…