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An open letter to Eddie Murphy from Steve Martin

Article: An open letter to Eddie Murphy from Steve Martin

In a sign that the Academy is taking itself slightly less seriously or that it’s really out of touch with the zeitgeist, Eddie Murphy was announced as the host of the 84th annual Oscars, which ABC will broadcast on February 26. The New York Times argued that “Mr. Murphy’s agreement to host the show marks the Academy’s apparent return to a formula that worked well a decade ago, when masters of live comedy — Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Steve Martin among them — kept the crowd laughing as it watched often somber films…” It makes sense to select people who thrive onstage and are at their funniest commanding a live crowd, and it’s definitely a win-win for Eddie Murphy…

Behind the book cover: An Object of Beauty

Article: Behind the book cover: An Object of Beauty

Designer Darren Booth shares on his blog some photos and his thought process that led to the (lovely) book cover for Steve Martin’s “An Object of Beauty.” In a world where designers all seem to work in their computer, it’s great to see someone working “old school” in their craft. As you can see from…

Steve Martin's (funny) rider

Article: Steve Martin's (funny) rider

Leaked on his website, you can now read the fine details of the 3 page rider in Steve Martin’s crazy and wacky contract. Performers will often submit requirements to organizers and promoters that list their needs: most famously Van Halen’s rider for their 1982 world tour was 53 pages long and prohibited brown M&Ms (“WARNING:…

A personal letter from Steve Martin

Article: A personal letter from Steve Martin

In addition to Steve Martin’s delightful business calling card (who else but Steve Martin would have such an antiquated thing?), this wild and crazy guy similarly also has a hilarious form response letter (printed on his production company’s letter head) to fan mail. Steve, we’ll always have Rio.

Steve Martin's (funny) business card

Article: Steve Martin's (funny) business card

Steve Martin can also add that he owns one of the coolest, if not very useful business cards ever to his illustrious resume which includes legendary stand-up performances, classic comedy films, best selling author and accomplished banjo player.

The Six Worst Moments From Last Night’s Oscars

Article: The Six Worst Moments From Last Night’s Oscars

1) Starting the show with the 10 lead acting nominees having to take the stage and smile for the cameras. Doesn’t the rest of the evening torture them enough?

2) The clips for the 10, count ‘em 10, Best Picture nominees. Add them up and they were longer than some of the films themselves! Besides, way back in 1939, the 10 nominees were instant classics like Gone With The Wind, Stagecoach, and The Wizard of Oz. But this year? The Blind Side and District 9! Let’s go back to just five. No, make it three!

3) The way the cameras kept zooming in on the front runners right after they lost. When THE HURT LOCKER won Best Original Screenplay, they closed in on a shaken Quentin Tarantino. After PRECIOUS bagged Best Adapted Screenplay, they cut to a sweaty Jason Reitman. Even when AVATAR lost some sound award, they cut to Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington. This practice totally appealed to the sadist in me, but for the sake of others with some heart, let’s only watch people squirm before they lose from now on.