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10 Truly Terrifying Stephen King Fright Flicks

Article: 10 Truly Terrifying Stephen King Fright Flicks

What makes Stephen King movies so scary is how normal their characters can seem at first. They’re writers and doctors, moms and dads, whose lives suddenly take a twisted turn which transforms the familiar into something freakishly frightening. This month, SundanceTV is airing some of King’s creepiest — THE SHINING, CARRIE, CHRISTINE, and CHILDREN OF THE CORN. Below is a top ten list of the horror master’s best.

People can't seem to stop remaking CARRIE

Article: People can't seem to stop remaking CARRIE

“They’re all gonna laugh at…who?”

There are some truly horrid things out there that just won’t die. One is the soon-to-be-remade (again!) CARRIE, Stephen King’s exceptionally underrated debut novel (if this were required reading in every American high school, there would probably be no ‘bullying crisis’) and the brilliant 1976 Brian de Palma screen adaptation with Sissy Spacek, masseur-loving John Travolta and Piper Laurie. Laurie, it’s worth noting, made the honorable mentions in our Top 10 Mothers In Legendary Films list for Mother’s Day—and come to think of it, she deserved her own maniacal place in the list itself for this Oscar-nominated role.

Naked News: Female gamers have more sex

Article: Naked News: Female gamers have more sex

Study shows that female online gamers have – gasp! – more sex than women who don’t play games. Also, more than half of online gamers are women. (We’re assuming the researchers checked to make sure the respondents weren’t teen boys pretending to be sexed up women!)
Stephen King nominated for this year’s Bad Sex Award in the U.K.
Study shows regular sex may be the key to seniors’ happiness. Also, food makes them not feel hungry and water helps quench their thirst….

Genre in general … on the web

Article: Genre in general … on the web

Last week found me mired in dystopian cinema. One side effect, other than a few bad dreams, was simply more thought devoted to genre in general. It’s summer, when genre really rears its head! Romantic comedy becomes somehow even more romantic, horror feels … horrific, the science fiction film is as big and real as the block-busting multiplex screen it was born to illuminate.

But what about the small screen? How much, in other words, has film genre really permeated the web?

Clearly, we all know that a certain strand of comedy is alive and well on the internet. Think Will Ferrell and his toddler daughter Pearl, yukking it up a few years back on

The Landlord from Will Ferrell

Don’t get me wrong – this bit is still so hilarious that I laugh out loud. But just how far has comedy expanded on the web since then?