Hot and steamy: the Steampunk Vibrator

Article: Hot and steamy: the Steampunk Vibrator

While most sex toy designers are striving to make their toys as technology advanced as possible, Ani Niow decided to take a different tack: rather that equipping her concept vibrator with a bunch of computerized bells and whistles, she decided to create something as simple as possible, developing a vibrator that could have been made…

Gas mask juxtaposition

Article: Gas mask juxtaposition

In light of the swine flu outbreak and the sight of surgical masks everywhere, I can’t help but be reminded of gas masks. Burberry gas mask by Brooklyn artist Mark Stafford. Gas masked sculpture by Spanish street artist SpY. Gas mask shower head by Chris Domino. Knitted gas mask by Teriyakimoto at Craftster. Siddhartha Gotama…