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Crowdsourcing smoothies on Twitter

Article: Crowdsourcing smoothies on Twitter

Here’s a working smoothie-making machine that mines Twitter looking for tweets mentioning specific fruits or vegetables such as blueberry and pineapple for instance. This working prototype then produces a smoothie with a proportional blend of those flavors that were mentioned in the collected tweets. This brilliant machine was conceived “during a one-week visualization course at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design” by Kat Zorina, Ruben van der Vleuten, and Kostantinos Frantzis. This needs to be installed in my apartment um, stat. As a guy who can never figure out what he wants to eat or drink (I really just gluttonously want it all), I’m all in favor of a machine that makes this decision for me.

Naked News: sci-fi sex, tantric sex, hobbit sex, no-pre-nup sex…

Article: Naked News: sci-fi sex, tantric sex, hobbit sex, no-pre-nup sex…

A sci-fi themed brothel will open in Nevada soon. Apparently somebody there got the crazy idea that sci-fi nerds need a little help getting laid.
2012 ushers in same-sex civil unions in Hawaii and Delaware.
But here’s one reason not to tie the knot: Gay and lesbian couples pay thousands more in taxes, study finds.

Green tech finds (8/11/11)

Article: Green tech finds (8/11/11)

Lots of news on the car front this week, plus electronic paper, and a (partially) green-powered STAR TREK theme park in Jordan (yeah, Jordan).

Lotus’ wine and cheese-powered car: Okay, not exactly, but the British automaker’s Exige 270E Tri-fuel concept can do 0-60 in under four seconds on ethanol made from “undrinkable wine (whew!), whey (a byproduct of making cheese), and surplus chocolate.” Check it out in action above. (via The Discovery Channel)

Ford getting into the solar business? Kind of. They’re partnering with SunPower to offer future buyers of the company’s planned electric vehicles a rooftop solar system that could power the car completely on renewable energy.

1987 Star Trek casting recommendation memo

Article: 1987 Star Trek casting recommendation memo

From the film archives, Letters of Note unearthed this April 1987 production memo of casting recommendations for Star Trek: The Next Generation. It reads like some episode where the Starfleet discovered a bizarro parallel universe where Reggie Jackson and Wesley Snipes served the Federation.

Internet's obsession with Ke$ha mash ups continues

Article: Internet's obsession with Ke$ha mash ups continues

Similar to that awesome mash up of Star Trek and Ke$ha (previously), here is another one involving BACK TO THE FUTURE, a movie I’m kind of still obsessed with. Its remarkable how such a vapid song can keep giving and giving. While we’re on the topic of mash-ups and Star Trek, this is one of…

Star Trek singularity

Article: Star Trek singularity

Sundance Channel may not normally be in the habit of talking about mainstream summer blockbusters, but often there are interesting threads on the fringes that grow out of these pop culture behemoths.

Take Artie Vierkant, who stitched together all episodes of Star Trek Voyager into a grid in a single sped up video. Unlike most science fiction or space adventure shows, Vierkant’s clip does at least one thing right: There is no sound in space!

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