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Green tech finds (12/17/09)

Article: Green tech finds (12/17/09)

Satellite deforestation tracking, a muscle hybrid, and DIY solar panels… this week’s green tech finds. Vampire-proof your home: Charger maker iGo has launched three new products designed to help you reduce the use of standby power (i.e. vampire power). An 800hp hybrid? That’s what start-up Kepler Motors claims about its concept the Motion (pictured above).…

Don't Let Phantom Loads Haunt You

Article: Don't Let Phantom Loads Haunt You

It’s got lots of different names: phantom load; vampire power; idle current; wall wart; but all euphemisms for the way that devices use and waste electricity when they aren’t even turned on. That little red light on your TV, telling you it’s ready when you are? That’s one. Your cell phone charger? Yep. Even the…