Amazing fan-made trailer for imaginary GREEN LANTERN movie

Article: Amazing fan-made trailer for imaginary GREEN LANTERN movie

This is excellent: It’s a fake trailer for a nonexistent (but wished-for) GREEN LANTERN movie starring the Serenity and Dr. Horrible actor (and geek fave) Nathan Fillion. YouTube user jaronpitts grabbed footage from a wide range of contemporary and classic science-fiction films, including PLANET OF THE APES, SERENITY, GALAXY QUEST, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD…

Ad Age: "I'm Joe the Plumber"

Article: Ad Age: "I'm Joe the Plumber"

McCain’s latest effort to separate itself from the arugula-eating, latte-sipping culture au Obama, indicates yet another factor that’s leading the campaign to collapse: it’s inability to brand itself. Rather than relying on his own message, he’s using Microsoft’s. McCain’s latest ad is a montage of (mostly white) people saying “I’m Joe the Plumber.” [www.youtube.com]. Which…

Will Ferrell's Green Team

Article: Will Ferrell's Green Team

Will Ferrell has been making hilarious video shorts for awhile now. His latest creation is a spoof on over-the-top environmentalists who are seen to be invasive in their attempts to convince others to be more aware of their environmental impacts. This latest video features Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly And Adam Mckay playing the parts…